The Secret to Healthy Weight Loss

John Gray

Losing weight usually requires sacrifices. You must give up things that you believe make you happy like pizza, French fries, and ice cream. This sacrifice is very hard for people who use food to comfort themselves and/or to have a good time.

There is a secret to losing weight and it's not eat less, exercise more. Eating less and exercising more can help you manage your weight but there are other factors that contribute to the fat you have stored on your body.

One is the chemicals, hormones and xenoestrogens that are in much of the food we eat today that causes us to store excess fat in our bodies. Only through daily cleansing, are we able to rid ourselves of these toxins and use the fat in our bodies as fuel, like nature intended. 

Controlling your blood sugars by monitoring the food you ingest is really the key to weight loss. When you eat sugar and carbohydrates your body releases the hormone insulin (a fat storage hormone) to keep your blood sugars in the normal range. When your body is releasing insulin, you are essentially blocking your ability to lose weight.

The hormone glucagon (a lipolytic or fat burning hormone) works in opposition to insulin. When you eat high fiber, low-carbohydrate vegetables, lean proteins, and small amounts of healthy fats you can keep your body in a glucagon dominant or fat burning state and effectively lose weight.

Studies have shown that weight loss is more successful when you have a partner, whether it's a doctor, nutritionist, trainer, spouse, or friend. I believe it is because you have someone to talk to and help you get back on track when you stumble. We are only human and we all mess up. Having a supportive weight loss partner to pick you up when you are down makes all the difference.

You can learn more about proper weight management in my book The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution.

John Gray's Weight Loss Program

Start your morning before breakfast with 1 scoop of the Super Cleanse Drink mixed in 8 oz. of purified water and 2 Super Minerals.

Then go for a 1 hour walk or do 45 minutes of Bounce and Shake Exercises.

Finally blend together a Super Foods Shake with the following ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

2-3 scoops of shake mix
1 Apple or 1 banana
1 cup of ice (about 4 ice cubes)
6-8 oz. Purified Water
Small handful of Nuts (walnuts, almonds or pine nuts/ raw and unsalted)
1 tablespoon of Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
1 tablespoon of pure Cacao
2 teaspoons of Black Strap Molasses

For lunch, take 2 Super Minerals before you eat. Then eat a salad with as many raw vegetables as you wish, along with some form of protein (i.e. beans, nuts, chicken, fish, steak, etc.) For dressing, use olive oil and lemon or olive oil and apple cider vinegar. It’s great to also add nuts to your salad, like walnuts, almonds or pine nuts. Eat as much as you want but don't stuff yourself.

Before dinner, drink another Super Cleanse Drink and take 2 more Super Minerals. Then follow by doing the bounce and shake exercises for about 10 minutes. Finally drink another Super Foods Shake, as you did for breakfast.

***Try to go at least 4 hours between meals without any food or snacks. If you must snack, choose a small handful of nuts (walnuts, almonds, pine nuts/ raw and unsalted).

When you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid ALL wheat, breads, pastas, starches and ALL dairy products. It is also a good idea to avoid all junk food, processed foods, MSG, refined sugars, and artificial sweeteners all the time.

If you must have caffeine or coffee, go for espresso. Adding sugar is ok but no dairy or creamer. Try to gradually decrease your caffeine intake.

You can also swap the lunch directions for dinner. If you are planning to have dinner with friends or family, then have your cleanse, minerals and shake for lunch and have your salad for dinner.

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  • Maria1967
     3/9/2015 10:29:36 AM
    Hello John, I started your weight lost program today my concern is that I take birth control pills. How big of an impact will this have especially hearing about Xenoestrogens for the first time.
  • Felicia
     1/7/2015 1:23:31 PM
    I'm trying to order some products but you don't seem to deliver to the UK. Do you happen to know any provider in the UK who offers similar products? I'd appreciate your help. Many thanks.
  • ThumperPK
     8/17/2014 2:16:13 AM
    John, I'm disabled and can't run or walk far. what can I do to replace the running ? Any ideas would help. I have tried everything. Thanks G
  • GoogleGirl
     8/3/2014 11:07:57 AM
    How long does one stay on this "weight loss program" before returning to just doing the standard morning routine of drinking the Super Lemon Cleanse Drink, the Super Foods Shake and taking two Super Minerals?

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