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  • Lostintime24
    2 years down the drain
    It offcally has been a week since my boyfriend and I of two years broke up. We basically came from two separte terrible relationships and always had our curiosity on the opposite sex and trusting them. Everything within the first year was pretty great, for once I didn't feel so stressed and anxious (I have anxiety). I noticed within the past couple months he hasn't been as happy and I onl...

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  • ani amirian
    ani amirian
    i have depression what should i do? what should i take? who should i talk to? please help!!!

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    dralaali dralaali
    - A good multivitamin like Potential with some fish oil and some mega dose of vitamin C can ease up depression. Check with dr John Gray.

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  • dralaali
    Brain Sharpener - Ultimate Herbal Brain Support dralaali
    Brain Sharpener - Ultimate Herbal Brain Support
    “The name says it all” - Gives a natural focus and stable mood

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  • mini08
    what shall i do..i lost him by acting clingy
    I have been in an on and off relationship with a guy since almost 2 years. Known since 3 years. He broke up with me before 8 months. I begged pleaded did everything to save my relationship with him but he blocked me. After 8 months he came back apologizing for his behavior. Once again we started making plans to meet. Then just before Wen we had planned to meet he started behaving aloof. I...

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  • Guest_7C0F2BC9-5
    GcMAF Bravo Probiotic Yogurt - Made in Switzerland - (FOUR) 1-QUART KITS Guest_7C0F2BC9-5
    GcMAF Bravo Probiotic Yogurt - Made in Switzerland - (FOUR) 1-QUART KITS
    “Delivery” - Ordered a kit over two weeks ago and have emailed looking for a shipping number with no response. Hoping this is not a scam. Am in Australia and have checked the laws and there should be no problem so I'm hoping for a reply or refund.

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  • fredhopkinsiii
    "Potential Vitamins" have been out-of-stock?
    "Potential Vitamins" seems like it's been out-of-stock for a month. Is that a temporary thing? If it's no longer going to be available is there an alternative? I need to reorder and I've been talking it up with friends and relatives. Thank You Fred.

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    dralaali dralaali
    - It's back in the store.

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  • dralaali
    Potential Vitamins - Brain Performance & Memory dralaali
    Potential Vitamins - Brain Performance & Memory
    “Great multivitamine.” - Kids love it all thw way.

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  • Gkoda
    Gabatrol - Stress Reduction & Romantic Feelings Gkoda
    Gabatrol - Stress Reduction & Romantic Feelings
    “Great !!!!” - Try not to drink alcohol on it. Its not a settle drunk it just hits you after two strong beers.not to the good buzz level. Its the im going to vomit level. Follow the label LOL

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  • calimommy71
    Hook up/Feelings
    I started talking to someone that I was raised with since I was 6 we called each others cousins, I am going through a divorce and he and his gf of almost 4 years just broke up. We started a sexting relationship now we are hooking up once a week. I still live with my husband and he has made comments about it, but he told me from the start he doesn't want a relationship with me bc we were so clo...

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  • lucy1580
    Should I stay or go?
    I have a guy friend and we have been friends for over 20 years and if we lost contact we would always pick right up where we left off. We both happen to be single for the first time since we met and have been hanging out a lot. Like everyday. If we don't see eachother everyday, he will call and/or text me multiple times a day. This has been going on for 6 months. Nothing physical has happen...

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    callalily callalily
    - Give it a try, reassure him that he doesn't mess everything up, Obviously since you've been friends such a long time and see where it goes.

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  • iceman2321
    Mr. Fixit Broke Everything. Willing to do anything to save marriage.
    I have been a Mr. Fixit and an over-worker to show my love for 8 years. I have neglected my relationship and invalidated her feelins by treating every conversation like a problem to solve. ShShe has filed for divorce and has moved out. Like the book, says, she is finally ready to feel loved and appreciate and not judged. We share the children equally but I have to believe that there is room for he...

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  • marsvenus5678
    Anxiety in a relationship
    I'm really confused and could use some advice. My fiancé and I have been together 4 yrs. we can go months without a fight but when we have a fight, he always falls apart. Has anxiety. Can't sleep next to me. He can only seem to cope well when things are great. But the moment we bump heads on something he wants to end it (but he doesn't). Has anxiety. Pulls away. There...

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    callalily callalily
    - My advice would be to be patient and reassure him that all is well and good. Show him affection if he'll let you and let him work through it. I deal with my own anxiety and others with it on a daily basis and it's different for everyone, some people have triggers. Well others it's quite literally everything that gets them.

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  • callalily
    I moved almost a month ago and ever since i started at my new school this guy has been interested in me, i've actually started to get feelings for him and I'm terrified. Terrified that people won't approve because i haven't been here long, terrified that he'll change his mind about me if i let him know i'm interested, terrified that we'll end up dating and that things w...

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    Lithium Orotate Side Effects
    I have only been taking 120mg Lithium Orotate for 2 days now (1 pill a day) and I feel some side effects. I know Dr. John claims there to be no side effects but this is what I feel: "Foggy" mind Fatigue Physical difference with brain. Now, I don't know if the foggy mind or fatigue are situational to what is going on in my life, but it is all too coincidental to...

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    Guest_7EBB9205-0 Guest_7EBB9205-0
    - Just want to say I feel great like the missing ingredient I needed is back in my body. But again I took 60 mg of elemental lithium by mistake--probably too much. My doctor had cut me from 1000 mg of Depakote to 500 because my hair is starting to fall out, but 500 was low and I kept having issues with paranoia and mind flip flopping so that is why I tried this product to begin with. I will bring up...

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  • JustAnotherGuy
    What shall I do? I lost her trust....
    Well I screwed up bigtime... I told her something I shouldn't have and now she feels "fooled" (her words) and after an hour or 2 of apologizing and talking it out, this is what she said "Fine. Since you really think you can win me back, we'll make a deal but I can't trust you right now... so for right now, me and you aren't together. You have 3 weeks to make me s...

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  • Lydia1019
    Is he losing interest?
    I've met a guy on tinder about a month ago. We really felt there was a connection between us while we were chatting. So he told me that he would love to meet me. He was originally coming to Malaysia for work from the States but the work got cancelled and he still get himself an air ticket to spend 2 weeks here. He stayed at my place and we travelled to some other place within Malaysia. We spen...

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    Leoniew Leoniew
    - If I've learnt anything which I most definitely have, he would show you if he was interested. Get on with your life, stop waiting for him, if he gets back in touch like he used to, ask yourself why did it take you leaving him alone to do so (you don't deserve to be treated like that). And if he doesn't you haven't wasted your precious breath on him. Blunt but true.

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  • rckurtzhals
    What is his deal?
    So there's a man I've been interested in for about 7 months now. He shows EVERY sign of reciprocating that interest except communication. He is quite a bit older than me and told me we couldn't date because we worked together, but I do not work there anymore. He said he has a bad memory yet remembers every single thing I tell him. Where I'm from, who my friends are, even my fav...

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  • ammey
    Did he cave on me??
    So I was dating guy for 2 months, all going really well when we had a blip with me letting my past effect me, I struggled to open up to new guy which he didn't understand why I wouldn't talk to him. He had an ex with bipolar so thought I was holding back with who I was. To cut things short he recently called things for a while, his work was stressfull and he had house mate issues and was...

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    ammey ammey
    - For anyone that reads this, said guy was true to his word and just over 2 months he was back in touch, had moved into new place and we've started dating again. I guess all it takes is to have patience, there are men out there who are honest, just got to have faith I guess!!

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  • Guest_F6B1D210-F
    Hyper/aggressive 5 year old
    I have a hyper 5 year old that acts out A LOT! And is often violent and destructive. Sometimes it's hard to even tell what set him off. He has a good heart and can be very sweet, but then he can be super mean and pick on his siblings for the fun of it and when he gets mad there is no such thing as talking. It's destruction and violence all the way. I love him but can't hardly stand thi...

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    fanbrits fanbrits
    - I think sport activities will help. Get him into sport classes like gymnastics or football. My son was 8 when I got him his 1st child gymnastics leotard and I have to say he was very proud to be a part of the team even though gymnastics isn't that much of a common boys sportEdited by fanbrits on May 18 2016 6:36AM

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  • pomelo
    My boyfriend broke up with me 2 months ago after 10 years of relationship
    Hi: I am very sad, my ex boyfriend 2 months ago told me that his feelings for me have had changed and he told me that he needed to broke up with me. He was very sad and very sorry but he told me that. After 10 years of relationship it was very shocking for me and for all the people who were around us. He was very depressed but I didn´t know why, the last 6 months were very bad, he was ...

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    Dwunicafaith Dwunicafaith
    - my name is Dwunica Faith. my life is full of joy because Dr JATTO asked me to be happy What happened to me is not what i can keep only to myself but to also tell the world so that those that were once like me will get there love ones back and been happy once again. I and my lover had some issues which leads to our break up since after then my life has never been the same i tried all method to get ...

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