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  • Elisabeth123
    An uncertainty stage or a cave time?
    Hello. I would be grateful if I could get some suggestions from you here. I`ve known the guy that I want to write about for a long time. But he asked me on a date and we met quite recently. An evening spent with him was very nice. I had a great time talking to him and seeing each other. He revealed his interest to me, too. Quickly after we went to our homes I got a warm message from him includ...

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    Elisabeth123 Elisabeth123
    - Thank you, Luci, for your thoughts and suggestions. I will think about all this. Your post differs from the other girls` posts. But whatever I decide, however I behave it may be a precious lesson especcially when somehow I will see what happens/or doesn`t happen next :-)) Greetings for all of you ;-)

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  • shazzer
    I need to get him interested again
    Hi, I was in a relationship with this fella that lives a few hours away from me , we were on and off and both of us for most of the 4 months had no clue weather we were friends or just dating .. i asked him were we gonna sort things out and he said he didnt know what he wanted but he liked me and wanted to sort things out .. then on wednesday i got a text from him saying he met a girl on friday ,...

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  • anisakh
    Micronized L-Glutamine - Intestinal Health Detox & Brain Support anisakh
    Micronized L-Glutamine - Intestinal Health Detox & Brain Support
    “Great Stuff” - Powder is easy to mix in my after workout smoothie, good for muscle recovery

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  • anisakh
    Buffered Vitamin C with Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium Ascorbates anisakh
    Buffered Vitamin C with Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium Ascorbates
    “Good Vit C” - I like that this has other minerals in it. Kept a cold at bay already this season!

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  • Katie
    I did something bad and I don't know how to fix it.. :/
    Okay, I'm just gonna say it straight away.. I screwed up. Scratch that- I f*cked up. I don't know what to do at this point, everything I think about doing or saying seems wrong, and I really, really want to fix this.. So, here's the situation I'm in. I am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend; he lives in India and I live in Costa Rica. We've been together for al...

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    Katie Katie
    - Hey summergrace ^^ I am aware of how difficult a long-distance relationship is, but as you said, I feel like my boyfriend is the person I'm supposed to be with, so all these difficulties I'm going through right now don't really matter when I think that someday we'll be together. And you're right too, in that it feels very real, but there's always something missing.. It must...

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  • krougely
    Mars Venus Wellness Solution For Women krougely
    Mars Venus Wellness Solution For Women
    “Amazing!” - Great product! I love the energy I have now! I'll definitely order more!

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  • Marinah
    He said we're not sex friends, we're not together, What are we ?????
    So I began to see this guy 3 months ago and he is very sweet. The first month was perfect I could felt that he was really into me. (I can see that today, did not realized it at the moment). We were not physical at this time. Anyway I broke up with him because he was seeing his EX again and I wasn't sure what was going on. I confess he didn't wanted me to know he was seeing her. Anyway 3 we...

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    Marinah Marinah
    - It took me few hours to respond to your message. But first of all thank you so much for taking the time to write this long advice. You're totally right, I know what I have to do but I can't do it. That makes me so upset against myself feeling so attached to someone who is not as much as I am. Him wanting to stay in contact with me even if its just friendship doesn't help because for...

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  • summergrace
    Issues From Childhood Sexual Abuse, Dealing With It As A Partner
    Hi Everyone - any advice or personal experience you may have would be forever appreciated. I am so overwhelmed and feel so helpless at the moment. It is funny how when we go through things ourselves, it's hard to see things clearly. I am a therapist and am able to give everyone else advice, but when it comes to myself I can't see things clearly! My fiance was sexually abused as a ch...

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  • KC
    Nieperzymes - Enzymes for Digestion & Brain Support KC
    Nieperzymes - Enzymes for Digestion & Brain Support
    “NO MORE FOOD COMA!” - If 30 minutes to an hour after you eat, you want to take a nap, get real groggy and cannot think straight… A "food coma" is a very clear sign that you are not digesting something, or several things. I recommend most of my patients to be on digestive enzymes, because I look for the signs that people are not digesting well. For example, prominent lengthwise ridges on your nails indicate ...

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  • KC
    MSM - Radiant Skin, Pain & Allergies KC
    MSM - Radiant Skin, Pain & Allergies
    “MSM- GREAT ANTI-INFLAMMATORY” - MSM is a very good natural anti-inflammatory they can be used on a daily basis, several times a day without risk of harming your liver or kidneys, as can happen with prescription and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories. I encourage all of my diabetic patients to take MSM on a daily basis, as low level systemic inflammation is a factor in diabetes. Diabetic patients that do this, report feeling significantly better in a very short time.

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  • John Gray
    John Gray
    Ask John Gray for Relationship Advice...
    Lost in love? Need my help? Just ask... Please understand that I will try to help as many as possible here but there may be times when I cannot get to all of the questions asked.Edited by John Gray on Oct 29 2012 3:24PM

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    garghimani7 garghimani7
    - hii.. ... gud evening sir...... m himani from india........ i read about u recently........... i really love ur lectures.......... even i do posted at ur wall......... u asked me about the more details for the reply......... so i wanted to reply u personally through the mail........ sir since 4 years i had a relation ........... i cud define this relationship as sumthng more than normal friend...

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  • vickp
    Mid life crisis.........or is it over ? please help
    Hi i am new and need advice, i am devastated and confused and don't know what to do, my partner and i have had 3 wonderful years together, not one cross word or argument, then he started a new job a few months ago and also turned 51, he started going out with the lads from work, most are younger and single, he started drinking (he does not drink) and staying out later and more know...

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    summergrace summergrace
    - I just posted a reply to the original post but I see much has unfolded since :) I am absolutely certain that you must give him space to see his issues for what they are. I could have read your posts wrong, but from what it sounds like he is starting to slowly see how he was wrong and that he has projected his own issues onto you/your relationship. I agee with Luci. You should not give a man ...

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  • Lydia1019
    Texting everyday, does it mean anything?
    This guy I met online for about a month now. We have been texting each other daily without fail. We talk about our lives, our past and we do take pictures of our daily lives or our working environment or even places we went that draws our attention and share to each other through whatsapp. More than half of his text messages, he tends to use a lot of "??????????" emoticons. He replies to...

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    summergrace summergrace
    - Have the two of you met in real life yet? You mentioned you met online, but I wasn't clear if you had actually met in person? That bit of information would greatly change the answer to your question :))

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  • Wolf1020
    She broke up with me on my birthday but we still live together.
    Hi guys, I'm new here. I commented on one of Lauren's post to see if she'd give me some input but I figured I'd share here to see if anyone can shed some light. I'm truly hurt, confused and unsure what to do about my relationship. She actually broke up with me approximately 2 weeks ago (October 20) but we still live together. Here are some key points: 1) She wa...

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    summergrace summergrace
    - Hi Wolf -- your situation sounds stressful and difficult. I'm so sorry you're going through this. If your girlfriend is not actively with you and has voiced that she is hesitant about having a relationship with you at the moment, then you must not be sleeping in the same bed with her -- and you must give her an exact date that she must be out of your house, no excuses. You can love her ...

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  • peterbilt359
    Seperated and don't know why
    I have been with my wife of 40 yrs old for 14 years and married for eleven. After what I thought was a better than average marraige she just up and kicked me out one day. Her reason is that she is confused. I m the one confused. 2 weeks before she booted me, she instigated sex fairly often and even said she orgasmed twice sometimes. She would instigate holding hands in bed, in the car, in shopping...

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    Luci Luci
    - Dear Pertbilt, I spend about half my time that I have for others on this website, and about half my time on another that is totally different. It is a website for people who are involved in some way with someone who has a personality disorder. Since this has been going on for such a long time you might want to take a look at it. According to the website's book which they recently published,...

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  • Heavy2
    Healing letter done differently
    Ok so I have thought about this for while. I thought that there doesn't seem to be a lot of males on here and i would like to reflect my healing letter on this forum instead. Each day I will be posting as to how I am feeling about myself the break up and you will see the progress of my healing so the women on here can see that not all us guys go into a cave and hide but can let out our feeling...

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    Heavy2 Heavy2
    - I hate when I hear things about you. All I want to do is cry about the fact that you have gone away for the weekend with another guy. But as I was also told you are doing this so you can get over me. But why do you want to get over me when you continue to ask questions about me to everyone who has contact with me??? You confuse me as to why you are doing this. Why would you walk away from the person who knows you the best and loves you more than himself????????

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  • Judy3
    My husband wants one of his old girlfriends to visit.
    This is his girlfriend from grad school that wants to come to town to see him. She is married, but her husband will not be traveling with her. I have never met this person and feel really uncomfortable with this idea. He wants her to come here so that he can show her where he works and where he lives. Our marriage is already stressed with my husband telling me recently that he does not like me. I...

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    Judy3 Judy3
    - It turned out to be very uncomfortabl for me. I felt like I was the invisible person in the room as they lived their past experiences. I would not recommend it.......

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  • moonlightingmom
    Husband wants to have cake and eat it, too
    I have been married for 18 years Until a few months ago, we would have told you that we have a fairytale romance. We were friends before we started dating, and 18 years after marriage, we still felt sexually attracted to one another and were very good friends. Truly, my husband and I felt as though we were the poster children for happy marriages. A month after our 18th anniversary, m...

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    Pablo Pablo
    - It seems to me that as difficult as this is to take, you are partially to blame for putting up with your husband's behavior. By allowing him the "freedom" to not be exclusive in your marriage and turning a blind eye, you are implicitly giving him consent to cheat. Regardless of whether you think a long-term relationship with the other woman is feasable for him, in the short term he i...

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  • Guest_874AE8D3-3
    MSM - Radiant Skin, Pain & Allergies Guest_874AE8D3-3
    MSM - Radiant Skin, Pain & Allergies
    “MSM GREAT PRODUCT” - Great product love it love it love it. I exercise and it helps a great deal with my joints. I highly recommend this product.

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  • newtolove
    Share your favourite quotes, for feelings of well being :)
    Again another bookmark idea. Harmony seeker gave me this idea actually, sometimes we keep seeing and using the same great advice in different topics. So instead of searching through all the different topics to find them, I'm making a topic just for favourite quotes. It can be from yourself/people/books/websites etc, anything that puts you in a better mood and fills you with well being, and hel...

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    MixedBreed MixedBreed
    - Wow! Thank you, Newtolove! Actually I love the quote from Justanotherguy's profile photo: "Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about." Thanks for posting that quote, Justanotherguy! :)

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