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Grape Seed Extract - Brain Support, Memory & Focus

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Grape Seed Extract is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens and protects living tissue.

This Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera) is made exclusively from fresh, non-GMO grape seeds separated during juice production and extracted using only water and ultra filtration. So it remains very fresh and potent with a 100:1 concentrate of pure polyphenols. Most other grape seed extracts are not as effective because they contain oven or sun-dried seeds and use alcohol solvents in their extraction process.

It''s the polyphenols in grape seeds that make them a highly potent antioxidants and protect the the body against oxidative and free radical damage. Scientific studies show that the antioxidant power of grape seed extract is 20 times more powerful than vitamin E and 50 times greater than vitamin C.

Grape seed extract helps to strengthen blood vessels, by increasing the tone and elasticity of capillary walls. Results from human case reports and animal studies show that grape seed extract may be useful to treat heart diseases, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Grape seed extract slows down the oxidation of the fats that responsible for cholesterol. The longer it takes for fats to oxidize, the less likely they will clog up your veins and arteries.

Grape seed may also be able to protect against Alzheimer's disease by reducing inflammation in the brain. A 2009 study published in Neurotoxicity Research found that grape seed extract led to less inflammation of the brain. Researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine conducted experiments in mice with Alzheimer's disease to see if grape seeds could affect Alzheimer's disease-type cognitive deterioration. For 5 months, the mice received grape seed extract or water alone as a placebo treatment. The mice were then tested in various mazes to determine brain function. Brain tissue samples were also tested to see if there was evidence of Alzheimer's disease. The mice treated with grape seed extract had significantly reduced Alzheimer's disease-type cognitive deterioration compared to the other mice.

One particular type of phenol found in grape seed is called procyanidin. It was initially discovered in 1936 by Professor Jacques Masquelier, who called it Vitamin P, (although the name didn’t really catch on). Procyanidins are thought to protect the body from premature aging. Procyanidins bond with collagen, the most abundant protein in the body and a key component of skin, gums, bones, teeth, hair and body tissues. The bonding promotes cell health and skin elasticity, making it seem more youthful, in a process that works almost like a natural face-lift. Procyanidins additionally help protect the body from sun damage, which can also cause premature aging of the skin.

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100 mg Grape Seed Extract. (95% Polyphenols)

Take 1 capsule, 1-2 times per day

My dr wanted to put me on a blood pressue pill but I didn't like the list of possible side effects. I take this twice a day and my blood pressure has gone done. A side benefit is that I have also lost a few pounds of weight which will, in turn, help my blood pressure go down. -

I have been taking this product for quite sometime, I like the product because it is standardize, that is very important when it comes to dosages. I think Natural Factors have great products. I'm very selective when it come to health products. Very good for B/P and other ailments. -

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Grape Seed Extract - Brain Support, Memory & Focus Reviews

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Details "Fantastic Antioxidant!"

This grape seed extract is a fantastic antioxidant. It is the best available. After taking it for 3 weeks by blood pressure went down to normal and I have avoided going on high blood pressure medications. Grape seed extract is part of my daily supplements!
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ani amirian
Details "awsome"

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Details "Very high quality antioxidant"

This grape seed extract is a very high quality, natural product that I really like. It really relieves my arthritis in my hands and keeps my blood pressure in normal ranges.
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Jim Bottarini
Details "Great antioxidant"

This supplement is amazing!!
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Rico Kumar
Details "Great stuff!"

Worth a try!
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