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The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution (Hardcover)

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The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution: Create the Brain Chemistry of Health, Happiness, and Lasting Romance by John Gray, Ph.D.

John Gray honors the differences between the sexes and gives practical, gender specific solutions for optimizing brain chemistry, diet, exercise, romance, and stress management. John Gray has a genius for taking highly complex specific material and presenting the information in a simple way, then going on and making practical applications that change lives.

John Gray examines the different emotional issues that govern mood, motivation, and passion in men and women. He explores how men and women lose weight differently and provides effective tools to eliminate addictions and food cravings.

St. Martin's Press: 288 pages

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Details "This Book Changed My Health and My Life"

The day I heard John Gray interviewed about Nutritional Cleansing for optimizing brain function I knew I had to get this book and start cleansing. I bought the audio version on line and tried to write down the directions for making the shakes and the cleanse drink but wasn't very successful. A few days later the book arrived and I raced through it to the chapters on getting started with his prog... Read Entire Review
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