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  • Mars Venus On A Date (Hardcover)

Mars Venus On A Date (Hardcover)

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Mars and Venus On A Date: A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship by John Gray,  Ph.D.

Mars and Venus On A Date is an important guide for all single people looking for love. Whether you are single, recently separated or divorced, this insightful guide will help find that special person, your Soul Mate.

John Gray takes readers on a journey through the 5 stages of dating and offers advice on deciding when to become more intimate and when to end the relationship. He helps you understand your partner better by explaining the emotions men and women experience during the dating phase of a relationship.

Harper Collins: 404 pages !

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Kevin Osei-KIofi_C9C56
Details "The Bible of Dating"

This book is an unbelievable book and I feel stupid for taking this long to buy it; I really could have used this book 11 years ago. Just getting through the first two chapters thus far has changed my entire perspective about dating. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone above the age of 12. If I had a daughter, I would make her read this book; if I had a son, I'd make him memorize... Read Entire Review
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