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Tongkat Ali - Natural Testosterone Booster

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100 capsules. 50 mg per capsule.

Tongkat Ali is John Gray's favorite testosterone booster. 

The hormone testosterone gives a man his beard and deep voice.  It also may give all of us - men and women - better health and longer life.

Research shows that low levels of testosterone may increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, depression and Alzheimer's disease. Low testosterone can also trigger fatigue, enlarged prostate, muscular weakness, poor endurance, irritability, poor concentration and poor memory.

By the time men are between the ages of 40 and 55, they can begin experiencing symptoms of andropause or as John Gray calls it "man-o-pause" in his book, Venus On Fire Mars On Ice. Andropause or man-o-pause is characterized by a slowly diminishing level of testosterone. An estimated 40% of men age 45 and older have testosterone deficiency (total testosterone below 300 ng/dL.). 

Tongkat Ali helps increase testosterone in your blood. This all natural herb is not testosterone replacement, nor does is directly increase testosterone.  Instead it activates your body’s ability to make testosterone.

Other products that either replace or stimulate high levels of testosterone usually have all kinds of side effects.  By taking testosterone creams, your body stops making testosterone and your testis gradually begin to atrophy.  In addition both testosterone creams other herbal products tend boost testosterone higher than you may need.  As a consequence excess testosterone turns into estrogen which in turn turns into belly fat. 

John uses Tongkat Ali to get the good results and avoid these side effects. 

Tongkat Ali is traditionally prescribed in Malaysia as an aphrodisiac.  It also enhances energy levels, endurance and stamina, and reduces occasional mental fatigue.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is also known as Tongkat Ali, Long Jack, Pasak Bumi, and Ali's Walking Stick. We usually call it Tongkat Ali but John Gray sometimes says Longjack.  It is not a testosterone replacement, nor does is directly increase testosterone. Instead it activates your body's ability to make natural testosterone when you need it most. Just a truly amazing, natural product.

It is also gaining interest among athletes because when you increase testosterone levels in your body, you can increase your muscle mass and your strength. Eurycoma longifolia increases energy production in the body by increasing ATP (Adenosine triphosphate).  ATP is responsible for nearly all the energy production in the body. During heavy exercise, we can use up our ATP faster than we can replace it, so we become fatigued.

Studies into the therapeutic use of this herb at this time have mainly been restricted to animal models where the aphrodisiac properties of tongkat ali have been positive. One study using human subjects in 2005 found that Tongkat Ali increased HDLs (high density lipoproteins), which are necessary for healthy arteries. Basically, HDLs can help stop the build up of plaque in our arterial walls and lower our risk of heart attack. This same study reports that there was an increase in HGH (human growth hormone) when taking this herb, which may account for Tongkat Ali’s reputation as an anti-aging supplement. HGH lowers as we age; a person at sixty has about twenty percent of the HGH of a twenty year old.

Other products that either replace or stimulate high levels of testosterone have all kinds of side effects. When you use testosterone creams or take hormones to boost your testosterone levels, your body will produce even less natural testosterone and eventually none at all. Testosterone replacements also tend to boost your testosterone levels higher than you may need when you take them. As a consequence, excess testosterone turns into estrogen which turns into belly fat.

John Gray uses Tongkat Ali to enjoy results of increased testosterone and avoid the negative side effects that are possible with hormone replacements. John tested his testosterone levels before and after taking this product and found his own testosterone levels were 25% higher after taking Tongkat Ali.

For more information on testosterone levels in men and women, check out John Gray''s book The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution.

50 mg per capsule. 100 Capsules per bottle

This Tongkat Ali is grown in Malaysia and exported from Thailand. This Tongkat Ali is wildcrafted, meaning it is harvested from trees naturally growing deep in the Malaysian jungles. There are no pesticides or anything like that used on the trees, it is simply naturally growing Tongkat Ali trees.

The statements and products referred to throughout this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are the expressed opinion of John Gray for the sole purpose of educating the public regarding their health, happiness and improved quality of relationships. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. Seek the advice of a competent health care professional for your specific health concerns.

100% pure Tongkat Ali root (Eurycoma Longifolia) 100:1 Powered Extract

Generally, you should start with 2-4 capsules/day until you see results, then you can cut back to 1 capsule a day. John also suggests you cycle your use of Tongkat Ali by taking it for 5 days consecutively and then taking 2 days off.

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Tongkat Ali - Natural Testosterone Booster Reviews

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Details "worked for me but not all the time"

I believe that Tongkat Ali is an effective supplement. I plan on continuing to use it as directed. I also believe that there may be some problems with quality control regarding the way this product is apportioned and shipped. I can't offer you any specific ideas why or how this problem came about. All I can tell you is that after buying 2 bottles three times at, the first and third... Read Entire Review
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Details "Lab Results Came Back Perfect!"

Diagnosed with extreme low T my doctor put me on Androgel. The side effects were unbearable and I was desperate for an alternative. My doctor sent me to the lab right when I discontinued the gel, and then I started the Tongkat-Ali and Myomin. The first week was terrible as I withdrew from the pharmaceuticals and my body started making its own hormones again. After that I started feeling better.... Read Entire Review
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Details "Glad WHOLE FOOD and natural!"

Love John Gray's descriptions and that this won't have the bad side effects associated with other forms! Excess can turn to belly fat? Yikes! Trying to get rid of belly fat...Thanks for these great reviews! Will try and see what happens for hubby that's trying to lose belly fat and more energy! :)
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Details "Gym supplement"

I am a small female and I have been taking one a day. I can see an increase in muscle after a bit less than a month.
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Details "A must-have for me."

I found this site after doing a lot of research for BPH. I was looking for a natural alternative to the prescription drugs. I found the Myomin to work perfectly. Then I ordered this along with the Myomin. Of course, I was very skeptical at first because every website claims that their products work. But, these 2 products do exactly what Dr. Gray says in the videos. Since, taking these products... Read Entire Review
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