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Vitex - Hormone Balance, Focus & Libido

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Vitex has been used for 2500 years as a safe and mild remedy for premenstrual, menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Vitex or Chaste Berry is a native of the Mediterranean region and sometimes also called Chaste Tree, Chaste Berry, Abraham's Balm or Monk's Pepper. The ripening seeds, flowers, leaves and tender stems are harvested for medicinal purposes. Vitex's benefits are purely natural and its leaves, flowers, and berries may be eaten right off the plant as a medicinal food.

Vitex or Chaste Berry has long been thought to reduce the libido in both men and women, hence the name Chaste Tree or Chaste Berry. Ancient Athenian women slept on the stems and leaves during the time of the Thesmophoria, when Athenian women left their husband's beds to remain ritually chaste. Chaucer, refers to Vitex as an attribute of the chaste Diana in 'The Flower and the Leaf'. 16th-century English herbalist William Turner reports the same anaphrodisiac properties of the seed, both fried and not fried. Vitex also goes by the name, Monk's Pepper, because it was taken to reduce the libido of celibate monks.

More recent clinical studies have shown Vitex's effectiveness in reducing symptoms of various gynecological problems, such as Premenustral Stress Syndrome (PMS), Cyclical Mastalgia, mild Hyperprolactinemia, Luteal Phase Defect. Vitex or Chaste Berry works exceptionally well but takes time to build effectiveness. It may take 3-4 months to kick in, so you should notice tremendous relief around your third or fourth menstrual cycle after you begin taking Vitex or Chaste Berry.

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Contains no artificial preservatives, color, or sweeteners; no corn, dairy, wheat or yeast.


All of us are uniquely different. So the amount Vitex or chaste berry you need may be different from someone else. Ask a licensed naturopathic physician with strong knowledge of herbs and botanical medicines. Vitex or chaste berry is very safe and can be taken daily for up to 18 continuous months, unless pregnancy occurs. Pregant women should not take Vitex.

Suggestions: Take 1 capsule, 1-3 times per day preferably before breakfast.

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Vitex - Hormone Balance, Focus & Libido Reviews

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Rico Kumar
Details "All natural is best"

Great natural option for hormone balance.
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Details "All natural hormone balance"

I really like this product. It's all natural and it really helps with hormonal balance and PMS symptoms. I use it every month with out question.
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Details "Helps my wife!"

My wife was really struggling with insomnia and hot flashes. I did some research for her and found Vitex. It has really helped her sleep better at night and her hot flashes have nearly disappeared. Great product!
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