ADHD Part 2 - Helping Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

John Gray

Exercise and nutrition are the best choices for treating ADHD initially. A diet full of fruits and vegetables, complex carbs, and some lean protein with every meal should help manage ADD | ADHD symptoms.

However, not everyone eats the right foods to achieve beneficial levels of certain nutrients and even if they do, most of our fruits and vegetables are depleted of the valuable nutrient levels they once contained due to modern farming practices. In other cases, our bodies don’t produce some nutrients we need, so we have to get them from supplements.

Natural Solutions Have No Side Effects

The most important distinction between the different natural solutions for ADHD and stimulant drugs is that the natural solutions have no side effects. They gradually help to end the condition while drugs simply mask the symptoms for a short time. In the long- term, drugs slowly make the condition worse.

The good news with natural solutions is there are no negative side effects. The worst thing that natural solutions can do to you is not work until you find the right one. While this is not always an easy journey, you now have the necessary insight to discover what will work for you. I do not know what will work for you, but I would like to know. Please keep me updated with your progress.

Grape Seed Extract

I suggest a few specific vitamin and mineral supplements below. I should point out that one of the most effective natural solutions for ADHD is simply a natural supplement called Pycnogenol. A study in 2006 had 61 children with ADHD take 50 mgs a day of Pycnogenol for 4 weeks. The results showed a significant reduction of hyperactivity and improved concentration. In the placebo group no positive effects were found.

Pycnogenol is the natural extract of pine bark. It has been used for over 60 years as an all-natural remedy for inflammation of the joints. It is a super antioxidant that helps heal inflammation in the joints and the brain as well. It contains Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, also known as OPCs, which are super antioxidants known to reduce inflammation. A cheaper alternative to Pycnogenol that is also rich in OPCs is grape seed extract.

Another study divided groups of children into ADHD kids who were given stimulant drugs like Ritalin or Adderall and another group of ADHD children who were given a a combination of vitamin C and OPCs. The short-term benefits in both groups were the same except the natural supplement group had no side effects.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Repeatedly, researchers find that children with ADHD have low levels of omega-3 fatty acids. A comprehensive look at many studies showed that omega-3s are about 40 percent as effective as stimulant drugs in relieving symptoms. While omega-3 oils can help, as many studies indicate, when combined with vitamin C, it is even more effective. A study in India demonstrated that supplementation with flax oil (rich in omega-3) and vitamin C provided significant improvement in children with ADHD.

An Australian study has shown that the use of omega-3 fish oils is more effective for treating ADHD than Ritalin and Concerta, the drugs most often prescribed for ADHD in Australia.

Kids between four and eight years old should take between 1,000-1,500 mg. a day. Older kids should get 2,000-2,500 mg. daily. Look for a product that has twice the amount of EPA to DHA—the two main types of omega-3s. Liquid or capsule forms of omega-3s are best. Other versions have lower amounts of EPA and DHA. It's easy to mix in with oatmeal, juices, yogurt.

Some children with ADHD have not benefited from extra omega-3. Due to elevated stress levels, weight gain or high insulin levels, they are unable to metabolize beneficial omega-3 fats. To counteract this tendency, one or two grams daily of acetyl- l-carnitine can assist the body in utilizing the omega-3 supplements better.

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Various research studies reveal that supplementation with the natural ingredient Phosphatidylserine (PS), commonly found in egg yolks, improves memory, mood and even reduces ADHD symptoms. In one study, 78 elderly people with mild cognitive impairment were given PS supplements, or a placebo. At the end of six months, participants taking the supplement experienced a significant improvement in memory.10

Using PS, combined with omega-3 supplements, may also aid in the treatment of ADHD and mood in children. In another study, 200 children with ADHD were assigned to 15 weeks of treatment with either a placebo or supplements containing PS and omega-3. Study results revealed that participants taking the supplements had a significant improvement in mood and a reduction in ADHD behavior when compared to those given the placebo.

In another study with 36 kids ranging in age between 4 and 14 years, Phosphatidylserine (PS) was shown to improve a greater spectrum of symptoms than commonly prescribed ADHD drugs. The children were randomly assigned to receive either 200 mg a day of PS or placebo for two months. The results showed that PS produced significant improvements in attention, hyperactivity, impulsive behaviors and short-term auditory memory.

Everyone Is Different

There is not one-size fits all for fixing ADHD and brain health issues. It is a journey of finding out what works for you. Knowing the many options does not mean you have to try them all. There are always many ways to help the same condition. If you were to travel to a destination, there are hundreds of different ways to go.

I have listed below a variety of simple protocols to begin your journey of finding out what will work for you. They are designed to fit your particular budget as well as your willingness to take supplements.

When taking supplements, it is important to see them not as drugs with dangerous side effects, but as the missing ingredients from the food we eat. Just as you might add a long list of spices to make a meal more tasty and healthy, you can now add a list of supplements to make it more nutritious. With the Mars Venus Super Food Shake and Mars Venus Super Minerals, I personally don’t need to take as many supplements because they contain most of the missing nutrients needed for optimal brain performance.

Most supplements are simply concentrated nutrients that we would normally find in a meal if our food was not so processed or deficient of nutrients. Just as food is necessary for both adults and children, supplements are now necessary as well.

Still, some parents are concerned about their children taking natural supplements when every day they do not question what is in a bowl of cereal, macaroni and cheese, a milk shake and French fries, a soft drink, ice cream or any of the millions of packaged foods purchased every day which are filled with chemicals and neurotoxins. Unlike the many processed foods commonly eaten by our children, the supplements I recommend are completely healthy. They are non-toxic in the suggested doses and are completely safe to take.

If you are already taking certain supplements, they will not interfere with the suggestions below. If you are not noticing much with your current supplement use, you may wish to temporarily discontinue them to see if the suggestions below can make a bigger difference. Then you may introduce them again and see if they add to your benefits.

My suggested doses are for adults. Since natural supplements are basically the nutrients missing from healthy foods and not drugs they are also great for children but the doses should be proportionately less. For children, who are not yet able to swallow pills, the capsules can be opened and then added to the super food shake or any healthy drink.

To find the right dose for your children consider the suggested doses are for someone 100 to 200 pounds. So if your children are in the range of 50 to 100 pounds they would benefit from half doses. From 25 to 50 pounds they would require one-fourth dose.

The Good, Better and Best Protocols For ADHD

These protocols are designed to be a simple and clear starting off place for you. You can then tailor your supplement use according to what works for you. If they are working, you should notice results in days or weeks. If they don’t work, you may need to add more of the other supplements to complement what you are doing.

I have divided my best suggestions into three categories of Good, Better and Best. This is a list of protocols that I have personally seen to work. It is best to take the suggested supplements 10-20 minutes before meals. If you forget or this is not possible, they can be taken during or after a meal. They will still work but be a little less effective. If taking a supplement on an empty stomach causes any discomfort, then take with meals.

If you take too much of a supplement, the side effect will only be the slight discomfort of a headache, stomachache or mild diarrhea. In this case, there is nothing to worry about. If you feel nauseous or have a headache, try taking your supplements with a meal. If discomfort still persists, then lower the dose. To find the right dose for you, stop for a couple of days and then resume with a dose lower than what you were taking. Follow this procedure until discomfort goes away.


The easiest and most inexpensive, which produces immediate focus for many people. This program includes only 6 supplements. As you experience results, you may be able to cut the dose in half. After you recognize the benefits, use as needed.
1. Take one-half teaspoon of Liposomal Vitamin C twice daily. For children or adults who prefer a vitamin C drink that tastes like fruit punch, combine liposomal vitamin C with Catie’s Whole Food Vitamin C Plus.
2. Take two capsules of Grape Seed Extract twice daily.
3. Take two Super Minerals twice daily (ionic trace minerals and mineral orotates). Start with one a day and gradually increase to two capsules, twice a day. These minerals support brain performance but also detoxify heavy metals from the brain. Too much detoxification may cause a temporary headache or slight head pressure. After taking one, if you don’t have a headache or slight head pressure that day then increase by one capsule each day up to four a day. At times of great stress, you can increase the dose as needed up to two capsules, three times a day.
4. Take one tablet of Omega-3 twice daily. A powerful liquid source of Omega-3 for children who don’t take capsules is Liposomal DHA.
5. Take one multivitamin twice daily.
6. Approximately one capsule of Berberine before every meal.


The most effective protocol for focus, mental flexibility and positive mood. This program includes eight supplements twice a day and a Super Foods Shake for breakfast. After you experience results, you may cut the doses in half. So, if you are taking one dose a day of a particular supplement, then take one dose approximately every other day. Use as needed.
1. Follow the guidelines for Protocol 1 above and add the following nutritional supplements.
2. Mix two scoops of the Mars Venus Super Foods meal replacement shake with a little fruit (one half a banana or berries) and eight ounces of water or almond milk.
3. Take one time-released multi-B vitamin.
4. Take one digestive enzyme 10-20 minutes before your morning Super Foods Shake and before each meal.
5. Take one capsule of 2-AEP Membrane Complex 10-20 minutes before each meal to repair cell membranes and balance blood sugar.
6. Take one capsules of Phosphatidylserine (PS) 10-20 minutes before each meal to support the fluidity of cell membranes.

Alternative Protocol 2: For a dairy free alternative to Protocol 2, instead of using the Mars Venus Super Foods Shake as your protein source, use the following non-dairy amino acid supplements. It’s important to know that many people who are sensitive to dairy can digest the undenatured dairy in the Mars Venus Super Foods Shake. This program includes nine additional supplements. After you experience results, you may cut the doses in half. Use as needed.
1. Follow the guidelines for Protocol 1 above and add the following nutritional supplements.
2. A morning shake with one scoop of Collagen Peptides, one tablespoon of MCT Oil, a handful of Goji berries and half a banana with some natural vanilla flavor added. Note: Gradually increase MCT Oil to the maximum dose of one tablespoon. Decrease dose if bloating or pain occurs due to candida die-off. Then gradually increase again.
3. Take one capsule of L-Tyrosine 10-20 minutes before each meal.
4. Take one capsule 5-HTP 10-20 minutes before each meal.
5. Take one capsule NAC (N-Acetyl- Cysteine) 10-20 minutes before each meal.
6. Take one time-released multi-B vitamin with breakfast.
7. Take one digestive enzyme 10-20 minutes before each meal.
8. Take one capsule of 2-AEP Membrane Complex 10-20 minutes before each meal to repair cell membranes.
9. Take one capsules of Phosphatidylserine (PS) 10-20 minutes before each meal to support the fluidity of cell membranes.


The most effective protocol for focus, memory, mental flexibility and positive mood if you are irritable, stressed, moody or have the tendency to feel depressed. This protocol includes five additional supplements and my favorite Lemon Cleanse Drink before a Super Foods Shake for breakfast. After you experience results, you may cut the doses in half. So, if you are taking one pill a day, then take one pill approximately every other day. Use as needed.
1. Make a special Super Cleanse Drink and drink 20 minutes before your morning Mars Venus Super Foods protein shake. Mix together the following ingredients:
One teaspoon of the Mars Venus Super Cleanse
One teaspoon of Probiotics
One scoop of Collagen Peptides
2. Follow the suggestions of Protocol 2 or Alternative Protocol 2.
3. Add one teaspoon of MCT Oil to the Mars Venus Shake. Gradually increase MCT Oil to maximum dose of one tablespoon. Decrease dose if bloating or pain occurs due to candida die-off. Then gradually increase again.
4. Take one capsule of Lithium Orotate twice daily. Once you feel more stable self- regulate this dose according to how you feel or how stressed you are. Reduce when you are feeling good and increase back up to two a day when you are feeling really stressed or down.
5. Take one Brain Sharpener twice daily. (Use Brain Sharpener for Kids for half dose.)
6. Take one Hormone Balance twice daily.
7. Take one 4-Endocrine twice daily.
8. Take one-half teaspoon of Liposomal Vitamin D3 twice daily.

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  • RV1219
     6/16/2014 9:28:06 AM
    I am getting ready to start my children on this program, and I have been waiting and watching to see when the "Potential Vitamins" are coming back in stock. They have been out of stock for a while, and I have also looked on another site for them, and they are also out of stock there. Do you have any suggestions on where else I can get these vitamins? It's the only thing I am missing to get my kids started, and I was hoping to have them do this throughout the summer. Thank you so much for any assistance!...
  • MJR
     3/28/2014 7:38:21 AM
    Good helpful information, but I am a little confused about the amounts you suggest below. Could you please clarify the following: 1) Does the comment about doubling the dosage for adults apply to everything above? 2) This does not make sense: "1 capsule in the evening Vitamin C 500mg, twice a day". Are you suggesting 2 capsules in the evening? Are you saying 1000MG for Children and 2000mg for Adults a day? Your handbook has "twice a day take 600mg of Vitamin C. 3) In your handbook you also mention 300mg of quercetin for focus. Why is that not mentioned below? Would 300Mg be for kids? I would like to try natural remedies, but I want to make sure that amounts are correct. Thanks!...
  • ckwake74
     2/24/2014 9:21:00 AM
    John I heard you on Coast to Coast AM and your discussion on ADHD was a revelation to me. I have been working with a counselor on this issue personally as an adult male and was close to accepting the idea of meds. I have just started the supplement program, which I feel much better about and have regained conviction of not using meds. Thank you.

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