Autoimmune Diseases Can Be Helped With Healthy Digestion

John Gray

Our bodies have an immune system that is made of a complex network of cells and organs that work together to defend the body from germs and foreign invaders. The immune system is designed to know the difference between what's you and what's foreign.

However, certain substances, chemicals or bacteria can cause the body to not know the difference between your body and a foreign invader. When this happens, the body makes autoantibodies that attack normal cells by mistake. At the same time special cells called regulatory T cells fail to do their job of keeping the immune system in line. The result is an internal attack on your own body. This causes the pain, inflammation and damage we know as autoimmune disease.

There are more than 80 known types of autoimmune disease. Unfortuantely there is an ongoing debate about when a disease should be considered autoimmune, leading to different criteria to define autoimmune diseases and diagnose a specific autoimmune disease.

John Gray discusses natural solutions for helping autoimmune diseases. He focuses on healthy digestion to ensure your body is getting the right nutrition, vitamins, and minerals to repair your body on the inside.

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