How to Get Rid of Your Allergies

John Gray

The runny nose. The itchy eyes. The sneeze attacks. The sinus infections. It's allergy season.

Unfortunately there isn't one season, or one time of the year for people who suffer from allergies. In the spring, you have pollens. In the summer, you have grasses. In the fall, you have mold. In the winter, you have more mold and dust.

There are certain weather conditions that influence your allergies though. Your allergies are likely to be worse on dry, sunny, and windy days. Those are ideal conditions for trees to release pollen, so more pollen will be in the air. Drizzly and overcast days can also cause allergies because light precipitation stirs up the pollen in the air. A stormy day is actually the best because the heavy rain washes the pollen, molds and dust out of the air. However, most people are not going to choose to go outside during a rain storm because it's good for their allergies. 

Fortunately, it is possible to step outdoors safely even during the worst conditions for allergy sufferers. Even better, there are several natural remedies that are proven to help reduce allergies.

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