Insulin Resistance Causes Metabolic Syndrome

John Gray

Metabolic syndrome refers to a constellation of cardiovascular risk factors that often occur together: abdominal fat, high blood levels of triglycerides and sugar, low levels of high-density lipoprotein, and elevated blood pressure. When these risks occur in combination, it greatly increases the risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

Besides obesity, the most important cause for metabolic syndrome is insulin resistance. Insulin is needed to help control the amount of sugar in the body. When the body uses insulin less effectively than normal, blood sugar and fat levels rise.

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  • janaes77
     4/7/2016 2:21:40 PM
    Do you have any advice on how to manage medication-induced metabolic syndrome? I take an SSRI medication that causes weight gain and insulin resistance, and no amount of diet and exercise takes off the weight while on the drug. Are there specific supplements that could help with this?

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