John Gray talks to Moms Across America about GMOs, Toxins and Brain Health

John Gray

John Gay on GGlyphte, Toxins Breath
a. It was a great interview so I wanted to share it here.

We discussed some very important topics including Ger medications, cancer, dementia and overall brain health. 
We also reviewed what you can do about autnson's, ADHD and addictions.

I am glad we were able to spend time talking about glyphosate. I explained how glyphosate destroys the gut bacteria and stops the production of glutathione, whichglyphosate every day. Glyphosate "holds or makes unavailable" the vital nutrients of any living thing it touches. So you could be eating healthy food, organic vegetables and fruits with a water filter and and still be vitamin and mineral deficient. Glyphosate is in your food and water, thin, and it depletes the vitamins and minerals available. This impacts our brain and overall health, relationships, performance and happiness.

We begin to talk about GMOs and glypminutes.

I share the impact that acetaminophen,the controversy surrounding Dr. Bradstreet at 35 minutes.

Many thanks Zen and Moms Across Amdo to support natural health around the world.

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