Oxytocin Is The Hormone That Makes Her Feel Good

John Gray

Oxytocin is a hormone that is released by the pituitary gland and stimulates the release of other chemical hormones in the heart. Actions that convey emotional messages of kindness, caring and love help to release the oxytocin hormone and make you feel good. Oxytocin also helps you relax, reduce blood pressure and lower cortisol levels.

Oxytocin also sharpens your brain's social instincts. It encourages you to strengthen close relationships and makes you crave physical contact with your friends and family. Oxytocin also enhances your empathy and makes you more willing to help and support the people you care about. oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a stress hormone. Your pituitary gland pumps out oxytocin as part of the stress response. It's as much a part of your stress response as the adrenaline that makes your heart pound. And when oxytocin is released in the stress response, it motivates you to seek support. When life is difficult, your stress response wants you to be surrounded by people who care about you.

Oxytocin doesn't only act on your brain. It also acts on your body, and one of its main roles in your body is to protect your cardiovascular system from the effects of stress. It's a natural antiinflammatory. It also helps your blood vessels stay relaxed during stress.

But my favorite effect on the body is actually on the heart. Your heart has receptors for this hormone, and oxytocin helps heart cells regenerate and heal from any stress-induced damage. This stress hormone strengthens your heart.

All of these physical benefits of oxytocin are enhanced by social contact and social support. So when you reach out to others under stress, either to seek support or to help someone else, you release more of this hormone, your stress response becomes healthier, and you actually recover faster from stress. So your stress response has a built-in mechanism for stress resilience, and that mechanism is human connection.

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  • Meg
     1/27/2014 8:05:32 PM
    Hi John, I h aven't seen your answer yet,am I looking in the wrong place.......
  • Meg
     1/20/2014 3:40:23 PM
    Dr. John, I'm 70 years old (young) and am not menstruating, of course, so does any of this advice on this oxytocin stuff would be helpful for me….please? Will the rx for women, Myomin, Vecto mega, and b vitamins still help me? Just asking……...

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