Single And Ready To Mingle But Just Met The Perfect Man

John Gray

Dear John-

I am a 30 year old single mom with a 2 year old. I have been in nothing but Mommy mode for the past 2 years, going and on and off with my child’s father but I finally gave that up.

A little over a month ago, I met a man who is 43. He is also a single dad of a 2 year old. He was married for 14 years and is an AMAZING father. He also is good to my daughter, although I have kept the contact minimal right now.

He is amazing and has treated me like a Princess. He says he wants a meaningful relationship. He is the perfect guy and adores me. I have met his family and they all know and say that he adores me too.

I like him but I am nervous because he has come on strong. He texts me and calls me, letting me know how he feels all the time – that I am the ONE for him. I don’t tell him much because I am just not an expressive person right away. We have even been intimate and he still treats me the same.

I like him a lot but I am not sure if I am ready. I do think about the 13 year age difference but I am not too concerned about it. He is open to having another child which I do want in the next few years with whoever I marry.

My thing is that I am newly dating again and I am not sure I am ready to settle down.

Should I date other people before?

He is like the perfect what is wrong with me?


Mommy Dates Too

Thanks for reaching out Mommy Dates Too (cute username too).

Men don't always understand when they come on too strong, they put pressure on a woman. When a guy comes on too strong, a woman will often feel like she is being put on a level that is too good for her to live by. So she feels that she will disappoint him later in the relationship and she is afraid of that impending rejection.

Some women may also have a history of men who come on too strong. They may have experienced men in past relationships who came on strong, succeeded in dating her, but then left just as fast as they showed up. More feelings of disappointment and rejection.

It's important for a woman to know her boundaries, stand by them and slow down any guy that comes on too strong.

You might have hit the jackpot with this guy. He may be the perfect partner for you. But I think you should take your time and go slow with the relationship, especially the intimacy. Set your boundaries and let the relationship grow and evolve more. It's been a month, give it 2 more months and your feelings will be more clear to you and him.

Watch my video to learn how you can test a man that comes on too strong so you can know if he is the right partner for you.

Grow in love,

John Gray 

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