Staying Focused In A Hyper World: Natural Solutions For ADHD, Memory And Brain Performance

John Gray

Staying Focused In A Hyper World: Natural Solutions For ADHD, Memory And Brain Performance is my latest book coming out September 1, 2014. It gives you practical information to help increase brain focus, memory and restore love and passion in your relationships.

Throughout this new book, I provide an in-depth explanation of the many faces, symptoms and stages of ADHD throughout our lives. It is a bigger subject than most people realize. It is not just affecting our children but the entire fabric of our modern society. Unless we are aware of this growing crisis, we are not motivated to seek out and find healing solutions.


Our brains and bodies are constantly bombarded with environmental toxicity, common over-the-counter drugs, nutritional deficiency and food allergies. The pollutants are also known as oxidative stress. I believe it is this oxidative stress in the brain causes many of the brain and cognitive problems that we are seeing today, like ADHD, dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It is also responsible for many of the modern relationship problems, depression, anxiety and even addictions.

In Staying Focused In A Hyper World: Natural Solutions For ADHD, Memory and Brain Performance I explain how ADHD shows up differently for men and women in dating relationships and marriage. In many cases, ADHD goes undiagnosed in both men and women because the symptoms also show up differently as we age.

I also show you how to end the various symptoms of ADHD to create optimal brain performance and shift from a normal life to an extraordinary life. I give you a variety of drug-free, natural solutions for healing the brain, including a variety of protocols that I have personally used and have witnessed in thousands of children, students and adults to quickly improve brain performance, increase memory and heal the many symptoms of ADHD.


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  • Illy
     3/3/2015 6:42:36 AM
    Dr Gray, I have your book and am trying to follow the protocols listed...however, my grandson is still not responding well at school. He is 7 years old and about 60 pounds. Currently he is taking on a daily basis: Vitamin C, Brain Sharpener , Isagenix childrens vitamins (we tried the Potential vitamin and he just refused it), B vitamin, Lithium Orotate and PS - Phosphatidylserine He has been on this regimen for about 4 weeks now. His teacher sent a note stating that he still needs constant redirection to complete tasks and does not keep up with the class activities: tests are incomplete, assignments not finished.... Is this behavioral or is there anything more we can do? , ...

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