Staying Happy With A Healthy Microbiome

John Gray

What is ome?

The humaes. It varies from person to person based on diet, health history, geographic location, and even ancestry.

This human microbiome consists of mord cared for to stay healthy. In fact, For every one of your cells, there are 10 microbial cells living on or inside your body, helping your bounctions.

Less than ten years ago, the species ofovered as indigenous cohabitants of the human body numbered only 200. Now researchers estimate that more than biome. They are also realizing how critical the health of our microbiome is to every aspect of our wellness.

Some of these mic recently come to understand is that this army of microbes makes up 70 percent of your immune system, helping your body’s natural killer T-cells know the difference between the symbiotic bacteria and pathogens.

So a balanced microbiome helps protect against trition.


Chronic stress has been shown to cause changes in the composition, diversity, and number of microorganisms in your gut, which reduces your microbiome’Re an increase in stress resulted in an increase of harmful bacteria and in a reduction of microbial diversity.  Further studies have also shown that mental ovement in your small intestine, which encourages the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and compromises the intestinal lining.

Serotonin is associated with a sense of optimism, comfort and support - which are all the things we need to cope with stress. However, if you don't have the nutritional suppver feel like you are receiving enough support or have an optimistic outlook on life. And, most likely, you are stressed out and unhappy.

When you are stressed, your body is in fight-or-flight mode, as if it was being chased by a bear. This can cause you to choose high carbohydrate, high sugar foods  support. It can also cause you to gain weight because if you are looking to carbohydrates and sugars for energy, then your body is not burning your fat for energy - as it should - and you hold onto the fat in your body.

When you are stressed, your body can also stop making enough hydrochloric acid to fullyour food. When you don't fully digest your proteins, you are peptides, which are precursors for creating dopamine and serotonin.

It's a bad relationship. You use up serotonin faster when harder for your body to make serotonin.

It's harder to create serotonin because your microbiome isn and a conditon called leaky gut syndrome. Plus, the sugary foods help to create an acidic environment, which is breeding ground for pathogens and an unbalanced microbiome.

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