Why Probiotics Are So Important For Overall Health

John Gray

Ever had a “gut” feeling?

There may be more to it than you realize.

It is estimated that over 500 species of bacteria lives in our gut, intestines, and stomach. Up until the past few years, researchers paid little attention to the colonies of bacteria that live in the lower gut.

Today, we know maintaining a healthy balance of good versus bad bacteria is important because people with more beneficial bacteria are less likely to suffer from a wide range of diseases and conditions.

The bacteria that call our intestines home influence everything in your body, especially your brain. Links have been made between the microbiota and depression, anxiety and stress. Your gut bacteria may even affect how well you sleep. A healthy gut helps create a healthy brain.

A recent study found that the addition of a “good” strain of the bacteria lactobacillus to the gut of mice reduced their anxiety levels. The effect was blocked after cutting the vagus nerve – the main connection between brain and gut. This and other studies suggests the gut-brain axis is being used by bacteria to affect the brain.

Balancing the Bacteria

Traditional diets around the world have typically included raw and fermented foods full of beneficial strains of bacteria. Yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and fermented fish, all offer a helathy amount of good bacteria.

In our modern society however, we’ve effectively managed to pasteurize, irradiate, and process out any naturally occurring beneficial bacteria while feeding the harmful bacteria in our gut a feast of processed starches and sugars. Antibiotic use and other pharmaceuticals also further aggravate this problem.

One of the best ways to keep beneficial bacteria from becoming depleted is to avoid the things that deplete it in the first place, including:

- Antibiotic use (especially if it can be avoided or natural alternatives can be used)
- Use of antibacterial soap
- Overuse of harsh cleaning chemicals to sanitize environment
- Consumption of processed, refined foods, sugars, or excess of starches
- Any sources of stress on the body that can be avoided (lack of sleep, overexertion, etc.)

How To Boost Your Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria is necessary to properly digest food and to absorb nutrients. It plays a big role in overall immunity. With the rise of digestive problems like IBS, Crohn’s disease, Celiac Disease, colitis, allergies, etc., a good dose of beneficial bacteria certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Fortunately, even if you’ve depleted your beneficial bacteria by some of the methods above, there are ways to increase it and help balance the bacteria in your digestive system. 

Here are some tips for boosting your probiotic balance:

Reduce or stop eating sugars, grains, starches, or vegetable oils. These foods deplete beneficial bacteria very quickly, which can suppress immunity and lead to a variety of health problems.

Eat more vegetables, proteins and fats. These foods help support beneficial bacteria that feed on certain types of fiber in foods like veggies. They will also support the body in culturing additional good bacteria.

Consume fermented foods and drinks. Foods like sauerkraut, fermented veggies, kefir, yogurt, and naturally aged cheeses are natural sources of probiotics. Eating a variety of these can help get in all the beneficial strains of bacteria. Cultured drinks like kombucha and water or milk kefir also provide probiotics.

Use natural soap and water instead of antibacterial soap. Antibacterial soap kills bacteria, good or bad, and some suggest that overuse of antibacterial soap may be contributing to the rise in resistant strains of bacteria like MRSA.

Don’t overuse antibiotics. There may be cases when antibiotics must be used, but for mild illnesses that can be left to run their course or treated naturally, consider skipping the antibiotics, which will deplete all gut bacteria, including the beneficial strains. If you do need to take antibiotics, make sure to take a high-quality probiotic at the same time and for a while afterward to help replenish bacteria.

Take A Probiotic Supplement. Many people need more help in the probiotic department than simple dietary changes can provide. This is also an important recommendation if you are currently using or recently have used antibiotics. Children with eczema, allergies, digestive problems or those who were formula fed can often benefit from probiotics as well.

Bravo Probiotics

The best probiotic I have found is Bravo Probiotics. Unlike most commercial probiotic brands that claim to stimulate the immune system and contain 2 to 6 microbial strains, Bravo contains more than 40 microbial strains!

Bravo Super Probiotic Yogurt Kit contains essential probiotics to restore healthy gut function and digestion. Many people have found after only three months of use, they have experienced its many benefits by completely restoring healthy gut function.

There are three forms of Bravo Probiotics:

1. Bravo Probiotic Yogurt. This special probiotic yogurt is something you make at home each week.
2. Bravo Concentrate. This capsule form is ready to use out of the bottle with no preparation.
3. Non-dairy Probiotic Drink. This special non-dairy drink is something you make at home each week as well.

The big difference between Bravo Yogurt and Bravo Concentrate is the yogurt works to fully line the mucosa of the intestines, which helps leaky gut to restore proper digestion. If your body is unable to tolerate the yogurt, the concentrated Bravo capsules will also help restore proper digestion, just more gradually. Non-dairy Bravo is ideal for people who are lactose intolerant because it just as strong as the yogurt and the capsules.

The Bravo concentrate capsules do not require refrigeration but refrigeration is ideal. The yogurt and non-dairy drink should be refrigerated after they are made. The powders are very stable and can be shipped without any refrigeration however.

It is recommended to have the Bravo probiotic yogurt after a main meal of protein and leafy greens. It is best, if possible, to hold the yogurt in the mouth and swish around for 10-30 seconds. Next swallow and don’t rinse out the mouth or clean teeth for at least 30 minutes. 

This natural supplement activates the immune system and some people experience minor side effects in the first 2 weeks. You may feel a swelling of lymph nodes, brief headaches and low energy while the immune system is busy working to support healthy function. You may also experience an allergic reaction that includes diarrhea, constipation and a sensitive tongue. This often a die off of bad bacteria. Simply reduce the amount you are taking and slowly build up the amount.


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