Head to head with my dad Q and A: The Mars and Venus perspectives

Head to head with my dad Q and A: The Mars and Venus perspectives

Lauren Gray

This week my dad (John Gray) and I teamed up with Zoosk to do some quick turn around Q and A.
No, I didn’t just make that crazy word up. If you don’t know about Zoosk, they are the #1 dating app with over 25 million members globally! WOW! You can check them out and learn more about their “behavioral matchmaking” HERE.
In addition to being a great company bringing couples together all over the world, they’ve also got an amazing Facebook community and this week my dad and I took their questions on relationships and communication.
There were hundreds of questions (and, honest to God, hook ups!) in the comments, which was amazing! Together with Zoosk, we narrowed the questions down to 3 stunners.
My dad and I have each answered each question separately and from the Mars and Venus perspectives. Zoosk has posted our responses over at their blog. Click the links below to see me go head to head with John Gray (and who knows, maybe you’ll learn something too?)
1. How can men improve their listening skills and be more mindful in conversations?

Click HERE for our answers on the secrets to a healthy relationship.

2. Me time. Is there a guy somewhere that understands what this means for a woman?

Click HERE for our answers as we talk “cave time” for men and women.
3. How do I get over shyness towards women?
Click HERE for our answers as we talk about our universal instinct to act “cool” around the one’s we want to interact with most.
Daddy and daughter side-by-side, fighting the good fight, bringing clarity and communication skills to the world! Awesome.
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