Hello, Im a fork...

Hello, I'm a fork...

Lauren Gray

I'm a big proponent of a man leaving notes for his woman, from the wooing stage to beyond. It means he's thinking of you when you aren't around and that makes us girls feel warm and fuzzy. Receiving a handwritten note from anyone in the days of the text message is pretty special but it's even more impressive when men do it. And I’ll tell you why…
Men's brains are different than women's. Men have more grey matter in their brains while women have more white matter, which connects the grey matter together. This means that men have an incredible capacity to deal with a problem or subject right in front of them while women have an incredible capacity to multitask. The fact that a man has a harder time conjuring the passion to take action for something that is not in front of him, says that when he does, that thing must have incredible status. So when I see that my man has left me a note, I think, "Wow. I must be really important to him."
Today my sweetie woke up early to go to a filming gig, he kissed me goodbye and wished me a good morning. I slept more, woke up, threw on my fuzzy robe and pattered into the kitchen in my black sparkly slippers. I put on some tea water, turned around and saw this…

It says:

I’m a fork and I’m lost. I don’t know who I belong to, but I’m pretty sure it’s not you guys.
Glade wasn’t sure so he told me to ask you. He also told me to tell you he’s madly in love with you.
So…thanks for helping me with my dilemma.
-Confused Fork
I’m not going to lie, this touched my heart and my funny bone. It’s adorable. I wanted to share it today because I know a lot of men are intimidated when it comes to writing handwritten notes for their ladies. They put undue pressure on themselves to come up with something romantic, poetic and classical. There is no need. If it ain’t yo style, don’t do it. Or at least if you’re going to force it out, save it for Valentine’s Day.
The act of leaving a note in itself is romantic. I just received a note from a fork and my heart got all mushy. So feel free to make it silly, fun, and full of your personality. The girl fell in love with you, after all.
Winning Moves Challenge: Write a handwritten note (just a couple of sentences) and leave it for your special someone, the girl you like, or the girl you want. Take away the pressure for “classical romance” and infuse it with your personality instead. Then come back here, and tell us what your note said. Let’s inspire each other to be more romantic, creative, and caring in our relationships. The ladies are going to go wild. wink 

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