Winning Moves: The Dentist Appointment

The Dentist Appointment

Lauren Gray

Let’s get this out of the way first: I do NOT like going to the dentist.
I don’t like the sounds: the drilling, the scraping, the slurping. I don’t like the cold water they give you to rinse your mouth out. I don’t like those pinchy things they use to prop your mouth open when they take x-rays. And I don’t like it when people ask me questions about how I’m doing when I CAN’T ANSWER BACK!
This isn’t a recent development. This dentist-aversion has been going on since I was a little kid.
My mom had a system though. I was the third kid; she knew how to play me. She used the oldest trick in the book…
A bribe.
After every appointment she would take me to the mall across the street and get me an Orange Julius. Let me tell you, that sugary orange frozen treat would make it ALL worth it.
People can endure a LOT when they have something to look forward to.
Of course now that I’m an adult, that tradition has fallen by the wayside…
Until yesterday!
My alarm went off. I rubbed my eyes, stretched, and thought, “What a beautiful day!”
…until I realized what I was waking up for. Dentist. Yuck!
So of course I snoozed. Again. Again. And then one more time.
No time to eat. Just shower, dress, and rush out the door!
Only to get stuck in traffic.
So now I’m hungry, anxious, and creeping foot by foot toward my dentist appointment. On a full stomach, I could have juggled traffic and a dentist appointment no problem. But my blood sugar was low and I could feel the frustration bubbling up in my throat; I was about to lose my cool.
So, I called my sweetie.
Hearing the emotion in my voice, he calmly said, “Take a deep breath. And when you get home from all this I want you to walk straight to your computer, sit down and turn it on. Something special is waiting for you and it’s going to make you very happy.”
Wow! Was that what I needed! Something to look forward to!
I thought for a brief moment, “Where could he find an Orange Julius??! They closed down years ago!”
That’s when the smart version of myself chimed in, “Duh Lauren. He said it’s on your com-pu-ter. It’s obviously not a smoothie!”
So, I go to the dentist…It was awful as expected but I had a secret happy place to go to when the polisher started to whine: I was coming home to a surprise!  
I got through my 45 minute cleaning with rave reviews: “I see you’ve been flossing, Lauren,” “Every night, Dr. Pierce!” (Can you believe that’s his name?!!) And I went on my way practically humming with excitement!
When I got home, I bypassed my smiling sweetie and the refrigerator and followed my instructions. I walked straight to my computer, turned it on and there it was: the new Sara Bareilles CD “The Blessed Unrest.” The CD I had been waiting for for weeks. He had bought it for me and had it waiting for me as a special surprise to lift my spirits after my dreaded dentist appointment.
It was sweet. It was really sweet.
It wasn’t an Orange Julius but it brought me back to that wonderful feeling of being little when someone who loves you gives you something sweet just to make your day better. In my book, that was a Winning Move!

What is one thing you could surprise YOUR sweetie with today?

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  • Lauren Gray
     9/28/2013 3:07:09 PM
    That's hilarious Faustine! Sorry ya'll missed each other but what a sweet thing that you both wanted to surprise each other with something special. There's a lot of love there. :-)
  • Faustine
     9/28/2013 1:20:54 PM
    Hi Lauren, I have actually a fun story about surprises :) It happened about 3 weeks ago. My boyrfriend finishes his work quite late. On a Friday evening, I decided to surprise him. I went with some take away chinese food (since he loves it) waiting for him at the bus station of his work. I have waited here for about 1 hour.... When, quite disappointed, I finally took the bus all alone to go home. He was actually already there. When I asked "how come are you already here?" he said that he took a cab to go home faster to surprise me...he was so sorry about thinking of me waiting for him. we actually laughed a lot about how synchronised we are :)...

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