The WRONG way to spice up a relationship

Lauren Gray

Hi Lauren

I want to have an affair with my boss who lives in another country. We immediately connected and have been emailing steamy messages back and forth but have never met up. He is coming into town in a few weeks and even after months of his hot emails, telling me all he wanted was to be with me, he wasn't the one to tell me of his trip. I don't know what to think, what to say, or what to do? Other than the fear of the consequences of a romance gone wrong in the workplace, what else could be happening?


Bad Idea.
Watch out Francine. This is a dangerous game you’re playing. You’re married. So is he. What are you thinking? This could destroy your marriage!
If you’re having trouble in your current relationship, then ask me question about that. Having an affair is NOT a solution.

Why affairs are just like cocaine
Listen, I get it. I understand that danger can stimulate erotic feelings. A safe way to explore this is through role-play with your chosen partner. Many couples find that creating something taboo, secret, and “wrong” together intensifies their sexual desires and experiences.
This is because “danger” stimulates the brain to make dopamine; it’s the same brain chemical produced when you take cocaine!!!
If you’re low in dopamine, life tends to be boring unless you spice things up with the extreme excitement of dangerous activities.
If you’re low in dopamine then you need address your health and nutrition to increase your dopamine in a way that is supportive rather than destructive. Don’t screw your life up with an affair.

What’s your fantasy?
If you’re unhappy with your husband, then leave him. Fine. But don’t escape your issues by indulging in a fantasy affair you’ve created for yourself. And yes. I’m saying it’s something YOU’VE created.

This guy is clearly using you for a thrill and he’s definitely not interested in taking this further.
Even if you weren’t married and he was the only one in a committed relationship, it would still be a disaster. Add in the fact that you work together and oy vey! We’re looking at a very unhappy ending here.

Risk vs. Reward (the 5-step decline of an office affair)
When people are governed by romantic feelings, they don’t really think about consequences. You probably haven’t thought this all the way through. So let me take you through your future step-by-step if you pursue the path you’re on.

1.     You will flirt for a while, long distance. Maybe you have an actual physical fling or two.
2.     He’s not going to leave his wife for you. So he pursues things with you while he desperately hopes his wife doesn’t find out.
3.     He ends the affair because he feels too guilty or his wife finds out.
4.     Now it’s over and he’s going to feel guilty every time he looks at you, thinks of you, or hears about you.
You know how men deal with a problem they can’t solve?
They forget about it and avoid it like the plague! He’s not going to want to have anything to do with you. You represent a threat to his marriage and that’s all you stand for now.
5.     And since he’s your boss, you’re going to lose any chance or opportunity for job advancement because he wants nothing to do with you.
That future looks pretty bleak to me.
At the moment he’s got one foot in the door and one foot out. The idea of flirting with you and imagining being with you turns him on. But already he feels guilty about initiating contact with you that first time, which is why you’ve had to contact him ever since.
Stop the madness before it could potentially screw up your marriage and career!
What to do with these dangerous desires
You ask what to do?
Don’t do anything with him! Stop all contact that is unprofessional. Pretend the hot looks and steamy emails never happened.
Address your dopamine deficiency by using Super Food Minerals and the Mars Venus Super Food Shakes. If you’re having issues with your husband, take one of our online courses to remedy them!
We all get a little carried away with our imagination and our impulses. Sometimes, all we need is a good strong compassionate hand to slap us out of it. Hope this did the trick.
With love,



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