Vacation Sex

Vacation Sex

Lauren Gray

Yesterday I was distracted and a bit of a stress mess. There has been loud and obnoxious construction work being done in our basement for the past two weeks. Here’s the sitch, our landlord/handyman, Herman, loves to yell and fight with his wife Tina. The 80 year old electrician that Herman likes to hire doesn’t have a license to drive so Tina drives him here. The three of them love to scream at each other. So in addition to the power tools and loud sharp bangs of a hammer, I get to listen to them, though it’s obvious they’re not listening to each other. My home office is right above the basement. Get inside my head for a minute. Are you screaming yet?
Of course my highly intuitive Sweetie senses my distress and comes to my rescue. He suggests we go upstairs to the top floor, our meditation/guest room, to play Rummikub (my favorite game) and get away from the noise. What a great spur of the moment idea, I think. He’s so good with solutions.
So I walk up the stairs and into the room and find…a scene out of my own private romance novel. The man has it set up like a bed and breakfast: gorgeous bouquet of flowers, chocolates on the pillows, windows open, breeze flowing through white curtains and Rummikub already laid out on the rug. I flapped my hands as the tears came to my eyes. He held my face and kissed me. He had planned the whole thing. Amazing.

As the surprise wore off, I sat down to pick my tiles, fully prepared to destroy him in a game of Rummikub. He won, barely. But the banter back and forth combined with the idyllic setting put me in such a playful and giddy mood that losing didn’t matter. Play is always great foreplay. So then we did what any red-blooded couple would do had they paid $400 for a luxury bed and breakfast suite.
Walking downstairs to call for some take out, I felt like I had just come back from a 3-day vacation. But all it took was 2.5 hours, a room in our house, and an incredibly brilliant, imaginative, and romantic boyfriend. Now that is one hell of a winning move.
Feel free to steal it, Gents. ; )

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