this is fraud

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    this is fraud
    farley45 at 3/14/2019 11:32:26 AM
    I have ordered from you in the past but only as a guest. When I realized you offer points for coupons, I decided to register.

    I wanted to take my health back and be proactive.
    I have spent days watching videos and reading your blogs.

    I finally have an order written out that is over $700.

    I wen tthis morning to place my order online and it said my card couldn't be charged. 

    Of course this freaked me out.


    I called the bank. After getting placed on hold and bounced around departments, they determiend there was something wrong with the website. 

    They kept digging and they told me your website is probably not secure either!

    They showed me the website that you are being investigated by the FDA for fake claims.

    Then I realized what was going on...


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