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How Do I Get Her Back?
John Gray
Friday, May 3 , 2013
The number one question I receive from men is "How do I get her back?
My response is always the same: "How did you lose her?"
You can only get her back if you can truly reflect on what you said and did that was wrong. Because if you lost her and you love her and you want her back, you will need to learn where you failed along the way with her the first time... read more
How Do I Make Her Happy?
John Gray
Friday, May 3, 2013
A man cannot make a woman happy. He can only make her happier. 

I still believe a woman is like a wave. When she is feeling really good and loved, she will her self-esteem slowly rises and falls in a wave motion. But then suddenly her mood may change and her wave crashes down. Luckily, this crash is temporary. read more
Addictions For Men
John Gray
Friday, November 16, 2012
Drug addictions change your brain to become more dependent on a particular stimulant in order to feel good. Ultimately, all addictions for men stimulate dopamine function. Dopamine is the brain chemical that gives us pleasure, increases our focus and makes us feel good. Dopamine is at the heart of addictive behaviors for men... read more

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