I have seen most of our world and experienced its layers of humanity.

I have listened to people share their stories of success and struggle. I have watched people lose love and then find themselves. I have learned what it takes to be happy and healthy in the mind, body and soul.

I know I have been blessed with this life and these gifts so that I can share them with the world. I am here to help us come together through better communication, stronger relationships and lasting love.

This is why I have created this amazing resource for you: MarsVenus.com.

After more than 40 years of working with millions of individuals and couples, I have realized it is the little things that make a big difference in life.

Most times, these little things are just the positive thoughts and simple actions you can make to improve your health and the relationships in your life.

I’m excited to share with you what I have learned through trial and error, random guesses, and haphazard practice.

Here at MarsVenus.com I’ve joined together with my daughter Lauren to give male and female, older and younger, married and single points of view.

  • Build lasting relationships
  • Improve communication
  • Live a natural, healthy life
  • Create success in all areas of your life
  • Understand your partner better
  • Strengthen your mind and body
  • Enjoy great sex
  • Find your Soul Mate

Everyone hits bumps in the road. Some can feel like black holes that are impossible to escape and have swallowed everything. But each loss should be viewed as a lesson that can teach us how to improve ourselves and progress to a better future.

Sometimes, we just need to be given a little direction and the right tools to learn from those hard lessons.

I wrote Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus only after experiencing the tremendous heartbreak of a failed relationship and then feeling the immense joy of finding the true love of my life. My Soul Mate, Bonnie.

I was able to learn from my past mistakes, dispel my past assumptions and create a better understanding of the love I could give and the love I wanted to receive in all my relationships.

Most people know me because of my books on love and relationships. But I realized a long time ago that our relationships were dependent upon more than strong connections, good communication skills and a better understanding of our differences. They were also influenced by our health.

If you aren’t healthy in your mind and body, it’s hard to be healthy outside your mind and body. So if you feel sick, tired, exhausted, stressed and generally unhappy, this will cause your relationships to feel the same way.

Great communication skills is essential but on a physical level we all need the right nutrition to help our bodies feel happiness, love, focus, peace, energy, motivation and passion.

I have dedicated the last 30 years to finding healthy solutions to the most common ailments affecting our happiness in life. I continue to look for the right balance of proper nutrition, useful exercise and natural supplements that will help you feel better in your mind, your body and your relationships.

I am here for you. Lauren is here for you. MarsVenus.com is here for you. Every day.

Whether it’s through our advice blogs, inspiring emails, personal coaching, daily shows, helpful workshops or health products, we are here to make your life better.

Our mission is to create positive change in the world by helping you create more love, happiness, and fulfillment in your life.

When we make our own lives better, we inspire others to do the same. Peace at home can bring peace to the world.

  • “John’s ability to awaken any audience into action is remarkable, and makes him one of the most relevant and memorable speakers in the world.” - Marci Shimoff
  • “John personifies the new conversation between men and women.” - Barbara Annis
  • “I often say that the only person worth listening to is a teacher who is living their teaching. This is John Gray.” - Janet Bray Attwood
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