There are many gifts of the human experience to be grateful for but don’t be fooled or distracted. LOVE is the ultimate pleasure in life IF you know how to attract, nurture, and sustain it.

I’m here to show you how to do just that.

I’m John Gray’s daughter and I’ve been raised with Mars Venus since I was in pigtails. I teach people how to create and attract passionate and fulfilling relationships using the unique strategy of leveraging and understanding the differences between men and women.

DIFFERENCE has become a bad word.

We make funny assumptions about differences, like somehow the very concept demands an inequality. One MUST be better, smarter, stronger, cooler than the other.

This is just not the case.

Men and women are fundamentally different. From our brains to our hormones to our basic love needs to our communication styles, we are different. Let’s celebrate that!

When you learn how to accept, honor, and find compassion for your differences, you create more peace, equality, mutual respect, and profound love in all your relationships.

  • Find your soul mate
  • Nurture the love you have
  • Understand the opposite sex
  • Improve and clarify communication to minimize misunderstandings
  • Create more romance in your life
  • Have better sex
  • Translate Martian and Venusian love languages
  • Create positive patterns in your love life

And above all, I’m here to show you how love can be your GREATEST ALLY, whether it’s self-love or love from a committed partner.

I remove the anxiety, false bravado, act, and “game” from the dating and relationship scene. And I replace it with clear tools for honest, peaceful, passionate, and supportive communication.

I truly believe that these are the ingredients to create the hottest sex and the most fulfilling relationships.

There’s no guesswork here. This material has benefittted millions of people from all cultures all over the world. We’re talking about FUNDAMENTAL differences between men and women that transcend age, race, culture, and creed.

Of course there’s room for individuality, cultural influences, modern standards and personal self-expression.

BUT it helps to know what rubs men and women the right way so that you can build on a solid foundation instead of just wandering around in the dark, guessing.

We want to give YOU the tools to streamline the process of finding your soul mate, committing to that love, and living happily ever after.

If you implement these tools, you will see a difference immediately. Drama, confusion and insecurity take a back seat, leaving just you, your honey, and your heart driving the bus.

I practice Mars Venus everyday in my relationship and it works.

But sometimes I can’t keep it to myself! When it’s good, a relationship will do so much more then just change your “relationship status.”

When it’s good, a relationship will support you to come ALIVE. It will be a safe haven to rest and recuperate from the stress of day to day life. And it will be the fire under your ass to motivate you to charge out into the world with full confidence in your personal worth and purpose.

I’m an idealist. I’m a romantic. I believe in a love that last the ages. But I know that good intentions and a dream don’t get you those results. That’s just a lie we’ve been fed by storybooks and media.

No. It takes more than that to tap into the MOST rewarding experience a human can have in a lifetime. It takes practical, realistic, clear steps of action and understanding (which I happen to be full of) and I can’t wait to share them with you!


John Gray, the Mars Venus team and I are all deeply committed to helping you attract, create and nurture the love life you deserve. We are compassionate, fun, and straightforward people and we are standing in your corner, rooting for you all the way.

Through videos, blogs, books, workshops, and groundbreaking live events, you’ll learn down to earth practical insight and wisdom that will change your life forever.

  • "This stuff should so be taught in school! And Lauren would SO be my favorite teacher.” - SALVADOR
  • “Lauren’s work is brilliantly written and makes me smile, but most of all it’s so honest and open-hearted!” -DEBBIE
  • “Lauren’s sense of being true to herself, not caring what others think, and how highly she speaks of her boyfriend really stand out!” - AMY
  • “Her columns lift my spirits, give me ideas, and make me feel wanted because she includes me in her life. I love it.” - SHEILA
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