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Activated B w/SRT - Time Released Vitamin B

120 capsules

Activated B with SRT B Vitamins provide the active forms of B Vitamins needed by your body.

  • Jigsaw Activated B w/SRT uses only active B vitamins – no conversion needed by the liver!
  • Slowly releases over 6-8 hours to provide a steady balanced stream of B vitamins.
  • Maintain healthy energy levels throughout the day with B Complex supplements.

B-vitamins are used by every cell in the body, every second of the day and night. Running low on any one of them can create all kinds of health challenges. B Vitamins help encourage mental alertness, concentration, and memory. B Vitamins maintain proper functioning of the heart, the nervous system and the digestive system. B Vitamins support the body's ability to detoxify itself. B Vitamins support a balanced response to stress.

Most vitamin B supplement products contain only the inactive forms. Inactive forms of B Vitamins can be hard on the body because they require the liver to work overtime trying to convert them so your body can absorb them . And when they are not readily absorbed by your body, they are quickly eliminated from your body without being used. This makes most B Vitamin supplements very ineffective.

Since they are water-soluble, your body cannot store them and must have a constant supply to keep body systems functioning properly. Activated B w/SRT B Vitamins are already converted and in the form your body can instantly use.

Activated B w/SRT B Vitamins use Sustained Release Technology for controlled absorption over 8 hours. So instead of flooding the system with extra B Vitamins that the body simply discards—or, worse, winds up feeding unhealthy organisms—Activated B w/SRT gradually releases the B Vitamins in a steady stream for better use. So you get the vitamins you need, when your body needs them.

Also, when massive amounts of B vitamins are immediately released into the body, unfriendly bacteria in the digestive system may use them as a food source. This is why some people may begin to feel poorly after regular consumption of common vitamin B supplements. Our sustained release technology addresses this issue by providing a steady balanced stream of B vitamins rather than flooding the system all at once.

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Vitamin B-1 (as Benfotiamine), Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin 5-phosphate Sodium), Vitamin B3 (as aniacinamide), Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal 5-phosphate Monohydrate), Folate (as Quatrefolic® 5-Methyl Telrahydrofolic Acid G

Take 1 - 2 tablets daily or use as directed by your healthcare professional. If you have trouble sleeping, do not take late in the evening. If taking more than 1 tab
I have tried many B=Complex vitamins and this one is far and above all. Can actually feel the difference. No it is not a placebo effect, just a great Great Formula. Highly

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Activated B w/SRT - Time Released Vitamin B Reviews

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Details "Best Vitamin B I have had"

This product gives you the high quality methylated B vitamins you want in a time release form. It is optimal and strong.
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Details "Makes such a difference!!"

Makes such a difference!!
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ani amirian
Details "nice"

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Lauren Gray
Details "Better than B12 shots!"

This is truly a "B" unlike any other. I'm actually the one who introduced this product to John (my dad.) I've had low thyroid and low adrenal function for years so low energy and fatigue are regular symptoms for me. Doctors have been recommending Vitamin B as a way to boost my energy for years! I've taken sublinguals, vitamin B12 shots, and a ton of different vitamin B supplements. I never felt an... Read Entire Review
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