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Brain Sharpener - Ultimate Herbal Brain Support

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Brain Sharpener is a unique blend of natural supplements to support your brain.
  • The perfect brain food.
  • Includes phosphatidylserine (PS) and gingko.
  • Encourages better focus and memory.

30 softgels

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Thiamine 15mg
Cobalamin 10mcg

Proprietary Blend: 1785mg: phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylcholine, gingko, flavone glycosides, quercetin, kaempferol, isorthamnetin, terpene lactone, gingkolides A, B & C, bilobalides, heterosides, oleic acid, vitamin F, linoleic acid, catechin, sitosterol, theobromine, resins, isobramic acid, glutamic acid, flavonoids, dicalcium phosphate, rutin.

Other ingredients: carob, water, bee wax, gelatin, The gelatin used in this product is processd under Hilal Manufauring Process.

No sugar, lactose, artificial color, artificial flavor, additives, preservatives or yeast.

Take 1 Softgel on an empty stomach daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Children that are below 70 pounds should take 1 softgel every 3 days;
Children that are between 71 pounds and 99 pounds should take 1 softgel every 2 days;

Pregnant and lactating women or others with any medical concern should consult a healthcare professinal before using this product.
I have taken this for 6 years and think it has helped me remain sharper. I would recommend this for everyone.-

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Brain Sharpener - Ultimate Herbal Brain Support Reviews

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Details "WOW my kids are on fire!"

I am a mom of twin boys and one of my children has ADD, I have been trying to find just the right combination of natural remedies! Both boys are now raising their hands in class, remembering their math facts, passing test! I am so thankful that this vitamin has worked like a charm!
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Details "This is a GOOD BRAND I KNOW!"

Wow was surprised to see this in here! My Dr has me on this! They have a bunch of other products too. I'm on like 4 of them! My Dr only recommends the best. She does tailor the products to each individual however. I have to increase the dosage even after 4 weeks. Seems to be helping. Sleeping better, better memory.
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Details "The name says it all"

Gives a natural focus and stable mood
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