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Bravo Super Probiotic Non-dairy Drink Kit

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The Bravo Non-dairy Probiotic Drink Kit is a dietary supplement with Chondroitin Sulfate and probiotics for the homemade preparation of a fermented fruit drink.

  • Supports healthy digestion.
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Reduces indigestion.

The Bravo Non-dairy Probiotic Drink has the same probiotic potency of the milk-based Bravo Yogurt and Bravo Concentrate but and has no rivals in the field of non-dairy probiotic products.

Non-dairy Bravo is a unique combination of fermenting microorganisms, probiotic strains, and prebiotics according to an original proprietary formula exclusively developed by and manufactured in Europe. This drink contains far more beneficial probiotic strains than commercial non-dairy probiotic drinks. Among these, there are Bifidobacteria and other probiotic strains formulated to pass intact the stomach barrier and colonize the gut, thus helping reconstituting and maintaining the gut and the brain microbiome.

- Starter Packets with the orange label: 70% blend of active cultures and 30% Bifidobatteri

1. In a large glass bowl mix:
1 quart (4 cups) of chlorine free filtered or bottled water
1 tablespoon of sugar (raw, brown or white but no artificial swee

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Details "VERY GOOD!"

I don't do well with Dairy, so this is perfect for me and much easier to make!
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