Item: PIP100

Chrisal PureBiotic Mist - Allergy Free Probiotic Environmental Control

7.05 oz. bottle

Chrisal PureBiotic Mist Spray is a safe and effective way to create a healthy home and office free from harmful dust mites, bacteria and other harmful allergens.

  • Eliminate harmful dust mites.
  • Reduces odors and irritants.
  • All-natural cleaning solution.

Each spray contains a patented formula of healthy probiotics that eliminate harmful dust mites, and other sources of problems, irritants and odors. Chrisal PureBiotic Mist Spray is ideal for all types of surfaces and can be safely used at home on pillows, bedding, mattresses and all upholstered surfaces as well.

Bacteria come in both good and bad varieties – that can be helpful or harmful. While the vast amount of attention is given to bad bacteria because of their potential for creating illness, humans share a necessary symbiotic relationship with many types of helpful bacteria. It is the non-pathogenic bacteria that are crucial to our very survival.

We are told to protect ourselves from bacteria by using dangerous chemicals and products that harm us, our children, animals and the environment. Chrisal PureBiotic Mist Spray is full of beneficial probiotics that cover, clean and protect every microscopic pore of every surface, including your own skin, food preparation counters, floors, bathrooms, and pet areas. Chrisal’s beneficial probiotic bacillus actually consumes these allergens, eliminating them from your environment, with the only byproduct mostly the same CO2 you expel with every breath.


Probiotic spray

For beds
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