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  • Radiant Mind Experience - A Spiritual Seminar - January 28-29, 2017

Radiant Mind Experience - A Spiritual Seminar - January 28-29, 2017

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The Radiant Mind Experience is a spiritual seminar taught exclusively by John Gray.

The foundation of John Gray’s teachings is the 9 years he spent as a monk studying meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Through Transcendental Meditation, John discovered the higher consciousness that is present in all of us.

This is the secret to his success. It’s the reason behind the success of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. His message reaches so many people because it is universal. It comes from a higher consciousness that is universal.

During his nine years with Maharishi, John taught thousands of people how to find a higher consciousness through meditation and personal belief. John continues to share this wisdom with you at his Radiant Mind Experience.

You are probably asking yourself, what is higher consciousness?

John calls it your “Radiant Mind”. It’s an illumination of your mind. It’s true self-awareness. It involves meditation. It involves reflection and introspection. It brings immense clarity and triggers transformation.

This awareness of higher consciousness removes all limiting beliefs you have and reveals your true purpose in life. Allows you to express your full human potential in ways you never knew before. Your higher consciousness directs everything you do in life.

Everything you need for success is inside you. Your genius, your creativity, your talents. Everything you need to fulfill your destiny is inside you. Higher consciousness reveals the truth to you.

This amazing weekend will be a spiritual journey as you discover:

  • The spiritual direction to realize and express your full inner potential
  • How to identify the life lessons that define your purpose in life
  • 3 guiding principles for greater peace, happiness, health and wealth
  • Advanced ways for self-healing your mind, body and spirit

You will gain confidence, self-assurance, and a greater awareness of yourself, your passion and your purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions
We know you probably have a lot of questions about this event. You can always send any questions you have to and we will make sure to answer them for you.

We have also compiled a list of questions that are often asked by others, so you know you are not alone...

What can I expect to get from this event?
You can expect big changes...for the better. You can expect greater self-awarenss and to finally have a better understanding of who you truly are. You can expect better communication and more openness in your relationships. You can expect to enjoy a better life - a life that you never knew was possible for you.

Where is the Seminar?
The seminar is at The Lodge at Tiburon. The Lodge at Tiburon is a boutique, upscale hotel set among three beautiful acres at the tip of the scenic Tiburon Peninsula on the San Francisco Bay. Click here to learn more about the hotel.

Is Transportation and lodging included?
Transportation and lodging are not included in the ticket price. The closest major airports are San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport. 

Will I get to meet John Gray and ask him for advice?
Yes. John spends the weekend with you and makes himself available for questions and answers throughout the course, during talks, during breaks, and even after it ends on Sunday.

How many people will be there?
We limit it to 40 people to encourage an intimate, supportive environment. As you can imagine, John can only work personally with a limited group size. Past events have sold out quickly.

Is this just the same information that I have read in John Gray's books?
The Radiant Mind Experience is not just information. It is transformation. John's books, audios and videos are like road maps to a better life. His Radiant Mind Experience is the road trip to a better life. John leads you through the process of recognizing your reality and changing it to match your dreams.

How much does it cost?
Actually there are two investments you will need to make. One is financial and that is covered below. The second is personal. Positive change requires effort. You will have to go home afterwards and actually apply what you have learned and experienced over the weekend. But the results are dramatic and your life and love will be changed forever.

John strives to make the seminar affordable for everyone. John Gray's Radiant Mind Experience is priced at $395.00 per person. That is an amazing price and a fraction of what John's corporate and private clients pay for his private coaching. And you will enjoy 2 exclusive days with John Gray at a beautiful location.

You may feel the price is too much pay. We understand. But where will you be this time next year? Better? The same? Or worse? You deserve to grow. Don't be afraid to act.

The Radiant Mind Experience
 price costs you a little more than $1 a day over a full year. That's a small price to pay for a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment.

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I have been practicing John Gray's method of integrated meditation for over 15 years since I first read his book 'How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have." I can't imagine going through life without it. When I identified the nagging blocks to feelings I would immediately use his affirmations to that particular block like anxiety and it would be gone sometimes as soon as that very momen... Read Entire Review
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