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  • Lions Main Mushroom Elixir for Focus and Concentration

Lion's Main Mushroom Elixir for Focus and Concentration

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1 box contains 20 packets

Lion’s Mane is an all-natural brain booster that has been shown to improve memory, boost creativity, and help concentration.

The benefits of Lion’s Mane extends to the entire nervous system. Studies have shown that Lion’s Mane can help people suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological damage.

This mushroom elixir contains 1500 mg of the most potent lion's Mane mushroom extract.

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This mushroom elixir contains 4 ingredients:

Organic Dual-extracted Lion's Mane Mushroom
This extract comes from pure wood-grown lion’s Mane mushroom. It includes 1,500 mg of the most potent lion’s Mane extract, with at least 30 percent polysaccharides (more than 15 percent beta-glucans). It contains no starch, sugars, or any fillers at all.

The mushrooms are dual-extracted, meaning all of the active water-soluble and fat-soluble components have been made bioavailable with boiling water and alcohol, respectively. After removing the alcohol and concentrating the extract, it is sprayed-dry back to powder.

These contain only the fruiting bodies of Lion’s Mane, and they are grown on real wood … exactly as they would in the wild. This ensures proper nutrition for the mushrooms to become as effective as possible. No mycelium (or “roots” of the mushroom) are used. 

Organic Star Anise

This mix only contains the safe species Illicium verum, and not the toxic Japanese star anise. Star anise is a traditional spice and healing herb.  it has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties and its flavor blends well with the other ingredients in this mix. 

Organic Peppermint
Delicious peppermint leaf adds to the taste of this mix help soothe the stomach.

Organic Stevia
A pinch of stevia leaf extract is added for sweetness. This mix is composed of less than 1 percent stevia because our stevia is a high-quality concentrated extract without any metallic aftertaste.

Add one packet to 8 fluid oz. of hot water, or blend it into your favorite smoothie.

Drink it at work to get your focus back when brain fog sets in. Drink it for a concentration boost when studying, reading, or writing. Drink it at work to get your focus back when brain fog sets in.

Drink one packet per day.

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