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NADH Skin Serum


NADH Skin Serum is all the skin needs to become brighter, firmer and younger.

NADH Skin Serum repairs damaged cells and energizes aging cells with
energy and water. This is all what the skin needs to look and feel healthier.

Dr. Birkmayer devoted years of intensive research before he managed to stabilize Coenzyme NADH and store it in liposomes. It is these tiny particles that soak into the skin and transport the NADH directly to the skin cells for rejuvenation.

NADH is the abbreviation for the biological substance Nicotinamide-Adenine-Dinucleotide. It is also known as Coenzyme -1. This coenzyme-1 is a derivative of Vitamin B3 and functions as a catalyser in every single cell of our body.

NADH is produced from our daily food and when it is combined with oxygen, it creates energy in every cell. NADH is the fuel for cellular energy production by synthesizing ATP (Adenosin-Tri-Phospahate) in the mitochondria, the power plants of our cells. ATP is the life energy of every living cell.

So, the more NADH a cell has available, the better it functions and the longer it lives. 

Reduced ß-Nicotinamid Adenin Dinucleotid (the coenzyme form of Vitamin B3), INCI 559120. Contains only natural substances. Contains no preservatives, perfume, artificicial colors, sweetener, flavors or animal by-products.

Clean the skin areas before applying the skin serum. Then apply 2 to 3 spray shots (about 0.3 - 0.5 ml) of NADH Skin Serum onto the skin and rub it into the skin until it is fully absorbed.

Wait 2 to 3 minutes after applying the skin serum before using other cosmetics or or skincare products.

1-2 applications per day are recommended, in the morning and in the evening.

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Details "I like this product"

I like this product very much. I just wish there was more product in the container, as it doesn't last very long and it's quite expensive. The mixture is under a lot of pressure in the spray container and it splatters when I squirt it out. Still, I like the product--just wish you had a larger size that might be more economical. I'm about to order my third bottle
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