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  • Nordic Gel Packs -  Pain Relief and Weight Loss

Nordic Gel Packs - Pain Relief and Weight Loss

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Nordic Professional Gel Cold Packs are reusable, nontoxic gel packs stay colder longer than most other ice packs.

  • Superior thick gel assures longer lasting cold.
  • Heavy duty soft vinyl cold pack conforms to any body part.
  • Good for Can be used in many ways: Sports Injuries, Inflammatory Arthritis, Minor Burns, Lower Back Pain, Tendonitis, Muscle Sprains and Spasms, Swollen Tendons and Joints, Insect Stings and Bites, Physical Therapy, Post Surgical Rehabilitation.

Stays cold up to 30 minutes, Non-toxic, Easy to use and keep clean.

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1 cold pack in each box.

11 inches wide x 14 inches long x 1.5 inches high

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Nordic Gel Packs - Pain Relief and Weight Loss Reviews

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Details "Burrrrrr!"

Stays so cold for oh so long. Two work perfectly to cover your whole core area. Nice quality that molds easily to fit whatever you need it to cover.
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