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Prostate Plus - Prostate and Urinary Health


90 capsules

Prostate Plus is a natural blend of herbs that support a healthy prostate and urinary system.


  • Decrease the frequency of urination.
  • Less urge to go to the bathroom at night.
  • Herbal blend allows for easy absorption.

The formula for Tony O’Donnell's Prostate Plus was developed in the 1970’s specifically for men recovering from prostate cancer. Tony O'Donnell's Prostate Plus is a blend of saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, stinging nettle, quercetin and other natural ingredients. All fo thes eingredients are proven to help people with prostate cancer.

The combination of ingredients may increase your ease in urinary flow as well as an increase in the flow, decrease the frequency of urination, lessen pain during urination and decrease the urge to urinate during the night.


90 Vegetable Capsules

Vitamin B6  5mg
Vitamin D3&am

Serving Size: 3 capsules each day. 30 servings per bottle

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Prostate Plus - Prostate and Urinary Health Reviews

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Details "it works"

this product is helpful for prostate situations; I recommend it.
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