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Qualia - The Ultimate Brain Nootropic Kit


Step One: 66 capsules per bottle     Step Two: 132 capsules per bottle

Qualia is a supplement stack with 42 ingredients that will optimize every major system of your brain so you can be more productive and create more impact in the world.

Qualia was designed to provide an immediate, noticeable uplift within 20 minutes of taking it.
Qualia also provides long-term benefits by:
- Supporting the functioning of the brain and the pathways of the central nervous system.
- Balancing hormones.
- Improving biochemical signaling of the gut-brain axis.
- Supporting the core underlying regulatory mechanisms of the brain and body.

Qualia consists of a unique combination of ingredients that produce synergistic effects way beyond what any one ingredient alone can deliver.

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Qualia contains the most potent, pure, bioavailable form of each ingredient. All ingredients are chosen based on the strong empirical research supporting them, takin

Take (3) STEP ONE capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait at least 20 minutes, then take (6) STEP TWO capsules with food.  STEP TWO must b

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