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Quercetin - Most Effective & Immediate Allergy Relief

100 capsules

Quercetin is an antioxidant that reduces your allergic responses to pollen, grasses, dust and other allergens.

  • Quercetin has the ability to inhibit the release of histamine from immune cells.
  • This quercetin is "activated”, or combined with other helpful ingredients to increase it's strength and effectiveness. 
  • Contains vitamin C i and magnesium citrate to improves quercetin’s use by the body.

100 capsules


Quercetin (1 gram), Vitamin C (788 mg), Magnesium (49 mg), Bromelain (300 mg), gelatin (capsule) and magnesium stearate.
100 capsules per bottle
Take 3 to 6 capsules daily in divided doses, between meals. Activated Quercetin should be taken on an empty stomach. That’s why the non-acidic form of vitamin C is important.
When allergy season starts, I get pretty miserable and stay that way for a long time. I've found that once I've taken this for a while, everyday, that my allergy s

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