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Dynamic Success Audio Series (10-CD Set)

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Dynamic Success: Personal Development to Achieve Your Goals

This powerful 10-disc audio series gives you the wisdom and power to attract more success to your life and transform your personal and professional relationships.  John Gray shares his secrets to achieving any goal and leads you in step-by-step exercises that help you develop your own personal success.

Disc 1: Increasing Your Success
Disc 2: Increasing Your Success Exercise
Disc 3: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
Disc 4: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety Exercise
Disc 5: Building Your Self-Esteem
Disc 6: Building Your Self-Esteem Exercise
Disc 7: Power of Forgiveness
Disc 8: Power of Forgiveness Exercise
Disc 9: Freedom From the Past
Disc 10: Freedom From the Past Exercise

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Dynamic Success Audio Series (10-CD Set) Reviews

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The Dynamic Success series has been so helpful to me, in many ways--it has helped me to understand things about myself, and has helped me to start healing my heart, and emotions, and has been so much more helpful than any therapy or counseling i've had before--Between this, the guided meditations, and listening to John Gray's video blogs, reading his books, and all, i have been able to understand ... Read Entire Review
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