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Secrets to Successful Relationships Audio Series (10-CD Set)

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The Secrets to Successful Relationships Audio Series help you directly apply the teachings from Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus to your life.

Whether you're married or in a long-term relationship, your relationship with your partner should be the most important and most rewarding relationship in your life. Maybe everything was wonderful at first, but now things are a bit on the rocky side. So how do you fix your problems, stop fighting, and come to a reasonable compromise? With a better understanding of yourself and your partner.

You may believe you understand and know yourself, but it's always important to evaluate your thoughts, actions and reactions to certain situations. After a fight, have you ever wondered, "How could I have handled that better?"

A relationship will never work if you don't understand yourself first. Ask yourself the important question: "Why do I think and feel as I do about this situation? Where do my opinions come from?" Knowing the answers to these questions will give you a better understanding of why you feel and see things as you do.

To understand your partner, you must approach the situation in much the same way as your partner. Remember that, while you have come together as a unit, you are still both individuals from different families, different values, and different experiences. Different planets.

Understanding your partner may not be easy, but it is possible if you listen and attempt to gain insight into why they think the way that they do. Knowing and accepting that someone else has a valid opinion that differs from yours is one of the best ways to show your partner that you respect him or her.

Most conflicts that arise in a relationship don't have a simple answer. There is no right or wrong. There is only your opinion and your partner's opinion. More than likely, each opinion is valid and makes sense to each of you. The trick is to listen and explain in ways that it makes sense to your partner, even if they continue to disagree. Once you begin to really attempt to understand your partner, he or she will give you the same respect in return.

Instead of intense arguments and rash debates, you should have discussions about your problems and concerns and then come to successful conclusions or compromises. You may not change your partner's mind about things but you will have the ability to talk it through and accept each other as you are is pivotal in making the relationship work.

So you REALLY CAN have THE relationship of you dreams, but in our modern world of stress, achievement and competition we get confused and bring those energies into our intimate relationships with our partners. We even bring it to our male/female relationships with coworkers, friends and families. THEN throw in the mix the huge differences in chemistry, biology and instinct between the sexes and it is no wonder that divorce is up for 25%, adrenal glands are blown out and rage is a byproduct of our society.

This program is your antidote because it is the most comprehensive outline, techniques, strategies and processes that you can apply to your relationships AND YOUR LIFE, RIGHT NOW.

This 10-Hour audio series is packed with practical tips and secrets for creating more meaningful and intimate relationships. John explains the key differences between men and women and offers ways to get what you want in relationships.

You will learn how to communicate in stressful times to receive what you need in your most important relationships. Imagine yourself effortlessly progressing through your most important relationships and creating deep, lasting bonds. After finishing this course, you will not only be a more effective communicator, you will actually understand what your relationships need and be able to nurture, support, and respond beautifully.

Session 1: Increasing The Passion in Your Relationships
Venture with John Gray into an enlightening journey that will explain some of the many differences between men and women, what makes them great, passionate, loving and how they handle relationships. You will be able to use these 7 Stages of Passionate Relationships time and time again to make sense of your relationships when they simply don’t make sense.

Session 2: Appreciating Our Gender Differences
Often times, all a relationship needs is a series of small changes to insight a powerful and lasting positive impact. Rather than try to overhaul your partner, get to know what makes him or her tick and see how those behaviors that may initially frustrate you, are in fact wonderful and completely necessary. Who doesn’t need a little more understanding of the opposite sex?!

Session 3: Understanding Your Six Kinds Of Love
Discover the many kinds of love that reside within you and radiate from you over the course of your life. Join John as he provides you with vivid examples of each kind of love and helps you understand the role that we all play in creating love. This is a truly moving module for men and women of all ages!

Session 4: Getting What You Want In Your Relationships
Learning how to “Get them to do what you want them to do without telling them what you want them to do,” is a challenge that can last a lifetime. Allow John to open your eyes to the art of asking in this groundbreaking module and see how much happier you and your loved ones can be!

Session 5: How To Get Your Needs Met
Gain a heightened sense of consciousness and be more aware of the decisions you make in your relationships. While we can all react differently to the expressions, affection, and interactions we have in our relationships, having the ability to take a step back and observe the situation from an outsider’s perspective can completely change the dynamic. As you take part in this module, you’ll understand how to effectively communicate your needs and how to respond to the needs of others.

Session 6: Satisfying Your Primary Emotional Needs
For some people, Satisfying Your Primary Emotional Needs is the most powerful and most significant module they take part in. We all have emotional needs and discovering how to have your unique needs met while continuing to nurture your relationships is unbelievably important. You’ll see how to understand what your partner needs and know when it’s best to put their needs before yours, sacrifice for their sake, and really show that you care through thoughtful action. Prepare to analyze your relationships and really LEARN HOW TO LOVE.

Session 7: Women Are Like Waves, Men Are Like Rubber Bands
This unique description of women explains the different ways that they react and sheds some light on the ways that men can offer support. Men and women can serve as support systems for one another; however, they must first understand their differences and be able to see the situation from a different perspective. Gain some deeper understanding of cyclical female behaviors and discover how to best support your partner.

Session 8: Resolving Pain From Your Past Relationships
While layers and layers of pain from past relationships can be making your current relationships increasingly difficult to nurture, it is possible to resolve those issues and overcome the hurt. Join John as he helps you release your pain and allows you to communicate and love again.

Session 9: Improving Communication During Stressful Times
From the various meaning hiding behind a grumble, to scary faces and obscure noises, men and women communicate verbally and non-verbally while under stress. Learn what some of these cues mean and gain the discernment to know when silent observation is your best response and when you need to be an active participant.

Session 10: The Art of Asking For Support
Free yourself from taking things personally in relationships and unravel the mystery of asking for support in your relationships. Asking for support can be an artform and understanding how to appropriately give support before it’s asked for can be even more challenging. Join John in this last of 10 modules as he helps both men and women discover how the opposite sex responds to stress, and how to be a pillar of support when it’s needed most.

*Recorded in front of a live audience.

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