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Serrapeptase - Ultimate Pain Relief

90 capsules

Serrapeptase can help to decrease inflammation and mucus in the body.

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme, which means that it chops up or digests protein. Serrapeptase is technically called Serratio Peptidase. Serrapeptase is a natural chemical taken from the silkworm. It is produced by bacteria in the gut of silkworms and is used to digest their cocoons. However, when this enzyme is isolated and coated in the form of a tablet, it can act as an anti-inflammatory, similar to aspirin, ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

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Contains 80,000IU’s of natural Serrapeptase.

Other ingredients include microcrystalline cellulose, nutrateric enteric coating, cellulose and water. 

90 vegetarian capsules

Take 1-3 capsules up to 3 times per day on an empty stomach with water or juice, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Be sure to take Serrapeptase on an empty stomach, at least two hours after eating. No food should be consumed for a half hour after taking Serrapeptase as well.


Keep out of reach of children.

I didn't know a product could work this well. I have had carpel tunnel syndrome for a number of years now. Not bad enough to have surgery. I bought this stuff and since I started using it have not had any trouble with my wrists since. You still have to not overwork them (common sense), but I am now able to play piano everyday if I want, for long periods of time, and do many other thing that I had to give up before. -

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Details "Excellent for people with COPD"

My dad would not be here if it weren't for serrapeptase, it's is miraculous!! My dad smokes and has his entire life, he's 79 and he has COPD, he was wheezing so loud and couldn't lay down because of thick conjestion, he was rushed to the hospital because he couldn't breathe but after the second day the doctor still hadn't come in the room and my dad wanted a ciggarette so bad that he had extreme a... Read Entire Review
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Rico Kumar
Details "Great for pain"

This is a pain reliever worth trying.
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Details "Great for Inflammation and Pain!"

All the Inflammation and pain in my ankles and feet are gone. Love it.
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Details "Excellent for pain!"

I have sunstititued any other pain medication with this SerraEnzyme. Works just the same or better with any pain in your body. Take 2 tablets and say good bye to the pain. Also works great when combating a cold.
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ani amirian
Details "good"

i like this
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