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  • John Grays Soul Mate Relationship Seminar August 11-14, 2016

John Gray's Soul Mate Relationship Seminar August 11-14, 2016

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Love is not what it used to be.

Relationships have changed more in the past 30 years than they did in the 3,000 years before that. This shift has left most of us confused about the meaning of love and relationships. Some may never learn if they have ever found their true Soul Mate.

Are you SINGLE and still searching for your Soul Mate?
Are you DATING and wondering if your partner is RIGHT for you?
Are you MARRIED and want to improve communication and sharing?

John Gray can help you.

His relationship seminars have helped millions of people improve their relationships quickly. John Gray's Soul Mate Relationship Seminar is a 4-day relationship seminar that teaches you how to find everything you want in a loving relationship through a better understanding of the differences between men and women.

You will learn:
• The secret formula to finding your Soul Mate (and knowing when you have)
• The single most important way to improve communication in your relationship
• Why giving too much will always cause you to get less in a relationship
• Easy ways to share your needs and find the support you deserve
• How to increase the intimacy and passion in your relationship for a lifetime

John personally teaches this Soul Mate Relationship Seminar from start to finish. Each day, he leads you through a series of guided discussions, informative lectures and meaningful exercises. He shares effective communication techniques and playful strategies for increasing intimacy. He also gives you easy-to-use tips for avoiding common arguments and relationship conflicts. His solutions have proven to work for millions of people around the world. They can work for you too.

NOW is the time for LOVE.
You deserve a life filled with love, deeply connected to your ultimate love, your Soul Mate. Whether you've been married for decades, you're in a new relationship or you're still looking for the one, John will teach you how to discover the true keys to passionate and enduring love.

How is the Seminar Structured?
You won't just sit and learn these life-changing techniques from John. You will experience them and apply them throughout the weekend - transforming yourself and your relationships.

The course consists of meaningful lectures from John, small group exercises, partner processes, guided visualizations, writing exercises, personal sharing and personal work with John. The days are relaxing and fun. Everything is done with a lot of love and humor. The added dynamic of dealing with real-life issues is very engaging and the results are extremely rewarding. Most people tell us they do not want to leave on Sunday.

Here is just a sample of the talks and exercises that John will cover at his Soul Mate Relationship Seminar...

1. How to Find and Forever Love Your Soul Mate
Making sense of the opposite sex frees you to make decisions and choices that guide you towards the relationship you desire. A deeper understanding of men and women will help you interpret behaviors correctly and act accordingly. This helps single people move through the various stages of dating much more smoothly but can also help married couples improve their communication at home.

2. Changing Gender Roles in Modern Relationships
For centuries, the gender roles of marriage were: husband as breadwinner and protector and wife as homemaker and mother. Recent economic and social changes have left many men and women confused about the gender roles of marriage and questioning their own love for their partners. John will show you how to increase the passion in your relationship by viewing it as a sacred partnership.

3. Making Up Instead of Breaking Up
Disagreements and arguments are expected in relationships but never enjoyed. The number one reason most couples fight is due to misunderstandings and miscommunication. John will share his practical solutions for finding the forgiveness to move past a fight and progress to a more loving, supportive relationship.

4. A Man With A Plan. A Woman With A Smile
John will show you how easy your relationship can be by simply understanding your partner's needs and desires. It is crucial that a man feels he is making a positive difference in a woman's life. Men thrive in a relationship when they feel needed and appreciated. Likewise, it is important that a woman feels that her man can lead with confidence and a purpose.

5. Sex, Intimacy and Your Spiritual Life
Sex directly nurtures our male and female sides more than any other activity a couple can share. For most men, great sex creates intimacy. For most women, intimacy creates great sex. John will show you how to apply the intense intimacy that comes with sex to your own personal, spiritual path in life.

6. The Love Letter Exercise
John has used this technique for 30 years with couples. It is one of the best ways to release negative feelings and communicate in a more loving way. Through this exercise, you will discover that many of your negative emotional reactions are not feelings but defense mechanisms you use to avoid your true feelings.

7. How Your Hormones and Your Health Affect Your Relationship
The differences between the sexes can be directly attributed to our hormones. John will show you how balancing our hormones will not only improve your relationships but give you strength and energy to cope with the challenges of a modern lifestyle.

Delicious and Nutritious Meals Are Included
Organic lunch options and snacks are provided. The food is carefully chosen to be delicious and nutritious so you can enjoy a steady flow of energy to help power you through your transformation. Meal times also provide wonderful opportunities to meet the amazing group of people attending the Soul Mate Seminar and chat with John Gray or ask him for personal relationship advice. John Gray also offers private coaching sessions to individuals and couples looking for additional relationship help. Find out more about a private coaching session with John Gray here.

Frequently Asked Questions
We know you probably have a lot of questions about this event. You can always send any questions you have to and we will make sure to answer them for you.

We have also compiled a list of questions that are often asked by others, so you know you are not alone...

What can I expect to get from this event?
You can expect big changes...for the better. You can expect to finally have a better understanding of your partner, yourself and your relationships. You can expect better communication and more openness in your loving relationship. You can expect to enjoy a better life - a life that you had always imagined having with a loving partner.

Where is the Seminar?
The seminar is held each day at a private retreat north of Fort Bragg, CA in beautiful Mendocino County. It is surrounded by a massive, majestic redwood trees and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Northern California coastline. The environment creates a safe, comforting space for people to truly open up their eyes, their minds and their hearts. It's sacred land with a big story behind it.

Is Transportation and lodging included?
Transportation and lodging are not included in the ticket price. The closest major airports are San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport. To find the best lodging for you, click here. (We will provide the exact location to all attendees before the event.) 

Will I get to meet John Gray and ask him for relationship advice?
Yes. John spends the weekend with you and makes himself available for questions and answers throughout the course, during talks, during breaks, during meals and even after it ends on Sunday.

How many singles will be there? How many couples?
It is tough for us to say. There will be singles looking for love. There will be couples rekindling their love. There will be people who are in relationships but decided to come alone. There will be people who bring their friends. We encourage you to bring a friend or loving partner.

Is this just the same information that I have read in John Gray's books?
The Soul Mate Relationship Seminar is not just information. It is transformation. John's books, audios and videos are like road maps to better relationships. His Soul Mate Relationship Seminar is the road trip to a better relationship. John leads you through the process of recognizing your reality and changing it to match your dreams.

How do I know if this is right for me?
You should ask yourself this question: Are you in a relationship that you will enjoy every day for the rest of your life?
If not, then this seminar is exactly what you need right now. These 4 days will change your life forever.

How much does it cost?
Actually there are two investments you will need to make. One is financial and that is covered below. The second is personal. Positive change requires effort. You will have to go home afterwards and actually apply what you have learned and experienced over the weekend. But the results are dramatic and your life and love will be changed forever.

John strives to make the seminar affordable for everyone. John Gray's Soul Mate Relationship Seminar is priced at $995.00 per person. That is an amazing price and a fraction of what John's corporate and private clients pay for his relationship and communication coaching. And you will enjoy 4 exclusive days with John Gray at a beautiful location with delicious meals included!

You may feel the price is too much pay. We understand. But where will you be this time next year? Where will your relationship be this time next year? Better? The same? Or worse? You deserve to grow in love. Don't be afraid to act.

The Soul Mate Relationship Seminar price costs you less than $3 a day over a full year. That's a small price to pay for a lifetime of

Cancellation fee:  IF more than 1 month to the seminar $250 cancellation fee.  If less than 1 month to seminar half the purchase price for cancellation fee.

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