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Swedish Flower Pollen

90 tablets

Swedish Flower Pollen promotes healthy urine flow and helps maintain normal prostate cell function.


  • Standardized extract used extensively throughout Europe and Asia for more than 40 years
  • Has been clinically shown to support prostate gland functioning and healthy urine flow
  • A proprietary blend of pollens gathered directly from flowers
  • Produced using a process that renders it free of allergens
  • Has antioxidant and immune regulatory properties

This Swedish flower Pollen delivers both lipid and water soluble fractions, and is standardized to have a minimum of 1.4% alpha-amino acids and 0.08% phytosterols. It is the same proprietary blend used clinically throughout Asia and Europe.

90 Tablets

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Swedish Flower Pollen (standardized extract yielding 1.4% alpha-amino acids and .08% phytosterols), calcium, microcrystalline cellulose, dibasic calcium phosphate, stearic

3 tablets daily for first three months. May take 2 to 3 tablets daily after three months for maintenance. For best results, spread serving throughout the day, at break

Really happy with this product-I've had prostatitis symptoms for years-Be honest after being on this product for about a month-Symptoms are almost nonexistent-I'm

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