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Active PQQ and COQ-10 - Ultimate Mental Focus and Energy

30 mini-shots (ampules)

Unfair Advantage from Bulletproof is an Active PQQ and CoQ10 suppolement that will give you a noticeable energy boost. 

PQQ in the disodium salt form is often degraded by stomach acid reducing bioavailability and absorption. Which means that you may not get the potential benefits at a cellular level. Unfair Advantage PQQ uses a proprietary pre-colloidal delivery technology to create ultra-fine particles of ActivePQQ. By delivering the right form of PQQ with the right delivery system, the bioavailability and absorption of this product is enhanced, supporting your mitochondrial health. You won’t feel this effect from any other PQQ supplement.

Unfair Advantage uses Active PQQ in a pre-colloidal and colloidal suspension where the molecules are so small they are suspended in water, this also works to improve absorption. The Active PQQ is then paired with CoQ10, a well known enhancer of mitochondrial function to increase the overall effects. Both CoQ10 and PQQ occur naturally in the body, and Active PQQ is the most natural form. This is the exact kind of PQQ that your body produces. 

1 carton of Unfair Advantage containing 30 Mini-Shots

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Pyrroloquinoline Quinine (Active PQQ) 10 mg
CoQ10 (as ubiquinol) 20mg

1 carton of Unfair Advantage containing 30 Mini-Shots

Unfair Advanta
For enhanced mental performance: Take 1–2 Mini-Shots per day

For enhanced sports performance: Take 2–4 Mini-Shots per day.

Natural separa

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