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Venus on Fire Mars on Ice - The Key to Life, Love and Energy

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Venus On Fire, Mars On Ice: Hormonal Balance - The Key to Life, Love and Energy by John Gray, Ph.D.

Recent scientific discoveries have shown the different ways men and women relate to one another can be better explained by examining our hormones. In Venus On Fire, Mars on Ice, John Gray explains the complex ways that each gender deals with stress and how the stress hormones harm our health and complicate our ability to relate to one another. John Gray details the important role of super foods and good nutrition in producing the right hormones and balancing our hormones. 

Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice provides groundbreaking insight into:

  • The unique ways men and women deal with stress.
  • Simple strategies for getting rid of the stress that sabotages romance.
  • How "superfoods" and good nutrition replenish feel-good hormones.
  • Why menopause - and "man-o-pause" - don't have to change your life.
  • How balanced blood sugar is connected to balanced hormones.
  • How achieving hormone balance improves health, enhances sleep, and give couples the energy to cope with busy lifestyles.
  • In Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice, John Gray shares essential elements of health, happiness and passion to reveal The Keys to Life, Love and Energy.

Mind Publishing: 253 pages

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This book is the biggest "ah-ha" I've had in a loooong time! What a gold mine to find! I've read the original book Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, like most, but this book is pure gold! It is going to be my "go to" gift for any wedding I attend from now on! I was married for 26 years with the last 6 being difficult. As divorce loomed, family telling me we just grew apart, marriage cou... Read Entire Review
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