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What You Feel You Can Heal

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What You Feel You Can Heal: A Guide for Enriching Relationships by John Gray, Ph.D.

What You Feel You Can Heal was John Gray's first book to give real insight into understanding human emotion and interpersonal dynamics. The main premise of the book is that your repressed emotions block the flow of love into your life. It is love that brings happiness. John makes it easy to understand why people behave a certain way and how to respond accordingly.

John illustrated his own drawings and cartoons throughout the book to better explain how to handle the stressful times in your relationships.

Heart Publishing: 218 pages

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Details "Easy to read and Follow"

When I first buy this book I was single. It help very much to understand myself better in many blind spot I have. Go inside and correct mistakes in my part. Be a better partner. I thank Dr. Gray for taking the time to put in letter many questions I had but my family didnĀ“t know another way of doing things. I even with my example could influence their behavior and the need for us to modify some thi... Read Entire Review
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