My Girlfriend Still Texts Her Ex-Boyfriend

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It’s not easy when a girlfriend texts her ex, but it’s important to maintain your cool. Otherwise, she might start to question her feelings for you.

The foundation of any relationship is trust. Without trust, a relationship cannot grow through the five stages of dating and develop into a soul mate relationship.

This blog explains how a guy should react when his girlfriend continues to text ex-boyfriends.

Watch my video to learn how to move past the feelings of jealousy so you both can grow deeper in love in your own relationship.


Hi John-

My girlfriend has a very strange and close relationship with her ex-boyfriend, and I have always felt uncomfortable with their closeness.

She tells me that it is completely platonic and just puppy love from high school. I was aware when we started dating that he was part of the package, but it was just an innocent friendship.

However, the feeling I get is I'm just in between the two of them and their relationship.

They both belong to the same hiking group, so I knew they saw each other, and that never bothered me because they met in public. But I have just learned that they have been meeting without me knowing about it.

He is married and has a family of his own but calls her and texts her with total disregard for me or how I feel about the situation.

He recently texted her and told her he loves her and is thinking about her all the time. She replied and told him that she loves him.

I confronted her about the text, and she said that I was reading too much into it. He was going through trouble with his marriage, and she was just trying to comfort him. But I got the feeling that she was leading him on, and he was taking her words seriously.

We did talk about it more, and she tried to convince me to not let it bother me — but it does.

I don’t feel like I can tell her who she can see and cannot see, but this puts my patience and understanding to the limits.

He is almost part of the family at this point and has started showing up at most of her family events.

I love her, but I’m not sure how I feel about him. I know I don’t like him because he shows no respect for me by the way he treats my girlfriend.

Please help.

Thank you, Dr. Gray!

– Ricardo

I hope my advice will help put you at ease.

I think you are reading too much into her relationship with him. It sounds like an old friendship with a past boyfriend. Yes, closer than most, but let's face it, they've been intimate (most likely), and she has a different relationship with him than most other men.

We all hold a special connection towards someone we dated, regardless of how old we were. I would still blush and get goosebumps if I ran into an ex-girlfriend from grade school.

If something was going to happen, it would have by now.

You are holding strong feelings of jealousy. Jealousy is always about yourself and not the other person.

You should stand more confident in yourself, your feelings, and your relationship.

She will love you even more for it.


Grow in love,


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