MV Quick Tip: Boost Romance Using This One Approach

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Are you wondering how to boost romance in a relationship or spark a new romance? Then you’ll love today’s MarsVenus quick tip!

In love, little things make a big difference. In the day-to-day of your relationship(s), it can feel overwhelming to address all the problems or create all your dreams at once. That’s why we love to bring you these quick tips. Something accessible you can try on and experiment with. It might be new, it might be a helpful reminder, and it might be totally counterintuitive. We invite you to play along.

In this post, you’ll find out how to bring out the best in the opposite sex to boost romance using a simple — yet effective — approach.



"Women Love a Man With a Plan. Men Love a Woman With a Smile."


This was first published in Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus in 1992. But is it still relevant today?

Let's break it down.

Women love a man with a plan. 

This does not mean women love it when men steamroll over them and take charge without consideration of their partner's needs and/or preferences.

But the reality is that women hold a huge mental burden, project-managing so much in their lives. Whether that's at work, with kids, laundry to menu planning...they have so many plates spinning to track and take care of. So when their partner can show up with a plan, it can be a huge relief and... source of romance!

That plan might be a literal menu plan.

Or maybe it's a plan to get rid of the rats in the attic.

Or maybe it's a date night plan that considers what she loves to do. 

When a man plans and executes that plan, taking that mental weight off from a woman, she can relax and connect with her romantic side. She more easily receives his love from this relaxed and open state of being.

What can you plan that might either make your partner's life easier or surprise and delight her?

Remember: Little things make a big difference. Don't psych yourself out. Start simple, small, and go from there.

This is how you can contribute to a woman's happiness and bring out the best in her.

Men love a woman with a smile.

This does not mean women should “fake it” or smile to “pacify” a man or to appear “beautiful” or appear happier than she actually is.

The truth is men thrive when they are genuinely successful in delighting their partner and/or date. When they've earned the smile. 

The smile is a form of body language that communicates that a woman sees a man's love and effort and appreciates it. It's a sign she is genuinely enjoying herself. And when he can take credit for contributing to this joy, he feels on top of the world. It's like a drug and he just wants more.

This is how you can bring the best out in a man.

He may not be perfect; his efforts might be small and tentative as he builds confidence that he can please you (either after years of marriage or on a first date).

Focus on the little things he does that are right, that genuinely please you. What is something he did right that you can connect with your gratitude for?

When you feel grateful and touched that someone is at least trying to make you happy, your face naturally does the rest.

And whether the man plans and a woman smiles...

A woman smiles, which motivates the man to go out on a limb to plan something to make her happier...

...This small choice is the fertile soil for romance. And we can choose this any day and every day.

Remember, thriving in love doesn't have to be complicated. Just keep learning and taking small steps because you deserve a great relationship!


Grow in love,


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