MV Quick Tip: Give Less to Receive More

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If you’re looking for the simplest way to get more love and attention from your partner, you’ll want to read today’s MarsVenus Quick Tip!

In love, little things make a big difference. In the day-to-day of your relationship, it can feel overwhelming to address all the problems or create all your dreams at once. That's why we love to bring you these quick tips. Something accessible you can try on and experiment with. It might be new, it might be a helpful reminder, and it might be totally counterintuitive. We invite you to play along.

In order to get the love you want from your partner, reconsider how you give and receive.

One of the most significant ways that men and women are different is in how they give and receive acts of love.

In the post below, you’ll learn how to shift the way you give so you can actually receive more and create the loving relationship you deserve.

So often, disappointment can start to brew when we hope our partners will give in the same way we do. That’s because we mistakenly assume that they are (or should be) like us.

But they’re not!

Not only are men and women different, but they’re actually opposites when it comes to giving and receiving.

With additional insights, this can work in our favor but without it, it tends to stir up trouble. You see...

When a man receives from a woman, it opens him up to receive more.

When a woman receives from a man, it opens her up to give more.

This creates a real-life challenge because a woman will automatically give a whole lotta love and assume that it will make the man give more in return to her and/or become more interested in her.

This misunderstanding often leads to heartbreak and disappointment if she’s giving and giving and not getting the love she wants in return!

After all, when a man receives from a woman, it doesn’t automatically open him up to give more in return, it opens him up to receive more and so he becomes even more passive.


Let’s watch this dynamic play out in dating and relationships: 

  • If a man were to listen attentively to a woman, she would definitely become more interested in him. But when a woman listens to a man, often he just becomes more interested in himself!
  • If a man were to notice a woman’s needs and wishes and happily go out of his way to fulfill them, then a woman would be swept off her feet. But when a woman goes out of her way for a man, he simply relaxes and wonders what he did to deserve such wonderful treatment.


Here’s the thing that blows minds:

The man may not even realize that he’s not giving in return. The act of receiving opens him up to receive more. This is not conscious; this is a reaction.

To help ease the tension that can come from this misunderstanding, we recommend remembering that you give and receive differently.

If you’re a woman and you’re wanting more love, interest, and attention, try holding back from doing more for your partner and instead express what you’d like to receive from your partner. Don’t worry, you will unconsciously give plenty in response to receiving — that’s your unconscious reaction.

If you’re a man, ask her what she’d like you to give to her, listen, and take action to please her.

When you practice this communication tool, you pave the way for each partner to give and receive more love.

So much becomes possible when we pause, consider our differences, and communicate before taking action.

Remember, thriving in love doesn’t have to be complicated. Just keep learning and taking small steps because you deserve a great relationship!


Grow in love,


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