Low Estrogen? Get Your Body to Produce It Naturally

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Are you taking estrogen, or at the very least, considering it?

So many women today are!

When the body stops making estrogen, you can feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster, be plagued by worries, or have low energy. These are all symptoms of low estrogen levels.

The challenge here is that there are risks to taking hormones.

When I talk to doctors who provide hormone replacements, most will say that they only do it as a last resort.

If you’re curious about alternatives or wondering how to make more estrogen naturally to improve your mood and energy, this post is for you.

You’ll learn why low estrogen in women is such a common problem today, the giant blind spot in the current way we’re approaching low estrogen, and the two-punch approach you can use to balance your hormones yourself — naturally!

Why Are so Many Women Struggling with Low Estrogen Levels?


Typically, when women go into menopause, the body stops making as much estrogen — causing excess worry, bad moods, low energy levels, and other unpleasant side effects.

But today, we’re seeing women seeking hormone supplement options years before menopause begins simply to help them feel better.

They may be irritable, tired, or unusually nervous as a result of low estrogen levels, so increasing their estrogen production can help those symptoms improve.

The first thing to understand is that our hormones — particularly estrogen — are produced in response to our behaviors. 

Your brain is a genius, and it can balance your hormones if you simply give it the right stimulation!

The challenge here is that many women today are doing the opposite of what will help them stimulate their estrogen production.

So before we look to hormone supplements, we want to start by helping a woman produce those hormones naturally.

There are two main reasons women struggle with low estrogen levels today, and therefore, two avenues to create a natural shift in estrogen production:


1. Behavioral

The first reason that women are struggling with low estrogen levels is that estrogen is a hormone that is produced when you feel dependent on someone. Most women today cringe at the idea of “dependence,” since its connotation has been one of powerlessness in the past. For the purposes of this conversation, let’s suspend our judgment and just observe our hormone behavior.

If a woman is too independent during certain stages of her menstrual cycle, then her body is not going to make enough estrogen.


2. Nutritional

Many of our foods today contain toxins in the form of added hormones, pesticides, and GMOs (genetically modified ingredients).

When these foods enter the body, they’re full of “bad hormones” that fill in the body’s estrogen receptor sites.

When this happens, it sends a message to the brain that there is already plenty of estrogen, so it doesn’t need to make more.

This one-two punch of being incredibly independent and eating foods that contain toxins will throw off a woman’s hormone balance and inhibit her brain from stimulating the production of more estrogen.

So why won’t simply adding more estrogen fix the problem? There’s a bigger reason why supplementing with estrogen replacements isn’t enough.


Hormone Supplementation Doesn’t Address This


As I mentioned above, estrogen is a hormone that is produced naturally whenever you feel dependent on someone.

But estrogen levels don’t actually need to increase all month long.

Estrogen levels only need to be gradually increasing after a woman has her period and for the next 10 days leading up to ovulation.

After ovulation, a woman will need to have more progesterone than estrogen; otherwise, she’ll feel awful as well!

So during that time after ovulation, estrogen is not really a challenge anymore.

A woman’s hormone needs change during the month, so there’s no way that taking hormones is going to give you the right balance. 

Think about it: If you’re taking the same amount of any hormone every day, that’s never going to give you the right answer for a stable mood, positive feelings, and good health because your need for hormones changes throughout your cycle.

So what we need to understand that’s never been taught before is that the behaviors you choose at different times of your cycle will stimulate the right production of hormones.

Now let’s get into how exactly to do that.


How to Boost Hormone Production (and Well-being) with Behavior


What increases the production of estrogen in your body is making sure that you put yourself in situations every day where you’re dependent on someone.

If you’re too independent, you’ll stop making estrogen.

Remember: Your estrogen levels need to gradually increase after your period and for the next 10 days leading up to ovulation.

So what are those things that will help stimulate estrogen?


You can:


One of the obstacles to generating estrogen is working independently because that behavior produces more of the male hormone: testosterone.

When your body is producing testosterone, it doesn’t make estrogen.

However, there’s a solution here!

If you anticipate coming home to a relationship or a lifestyle that stimulates your estrogen levels (whether with a partner, friend, or roommate), your body will make estrogen during the day while also making the testosterone necessary to achieve your goals in the workplace.

After ovulation, leading up to your period, you want to focus on stimulating progesterone.

The best way to stimulate progesterone is to do things that you love to do where you’re not dependent on someone. 

This could be equal sharing or time alone.

The key here is to do something nurturing that you love to do, get to do, or enjoy doing, and that will stimulate your progesterone.

Understanding that certain activities will help stimulate the right hormones at the right time can help you avoid taking risky hormones. 

You can read more ideas to help you stimulate hormone production in my book, Beyond Mars and Venus.


The Nutritional Key to Healthy, Natural Hormone Production


As I mentioned earlier, sometimes the body stops producing estrogen because it receives the incorrect message from the brain that it already has plenty due to hormone-enhanced or toxic food!

When this happens, there is also something you can do that will help — supplementing — but not with hormones.

There are natural supplements that help detoxify the liver from the bad hormones. This will stop sending the message to your brain to halt estrogen production.

In addition to detoxifying the body, I also recommend taking supplements that will help your body digest food to produce the correct ingredients to make hormones.

If you’re looking for a nutritional supplement to help detoxify and nourish your body so it can naturally stimulate healthy hormone production, our Mars Venus Wellness Solution for Women is the best overall option out there because it covers all the bases.

It will help detoxify the liver, improve your digestion, and provide the added nutrients you need.

Keep in mind: To naturally stimulate proper hormone production, you need both the behavioral aspect AND the nutritional aspect.

And of course, if you are already on hormones, you should discuss all of this with your physician too.


Grow in love,


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