4 Pain Management Techniques You Haven’t Tried

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Chronic pain can be debilitating no matter what the cause, so finding the right pain management solution matters.

Whether you’re suffering from joint pain, muscle spasms, headaches, or sciatic nerve pain, there are all-natural and drug-free options that will work.

In this post, I’ll share my top four alternatives for chronic aches and pains that will help you feel better quickly and support your body’s healing process for the long term too. Because you deserve a beautiful, pain-free life — today and always.

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Why Do We Need So Much Pain Management, Anyway?


So many people are looking for pain management today because we're under stress and stress causes our muscles to constrict.

When our muscles constrict, they can chronically stay that way and then we feel chronic pain. Over time under stress, our joints will start to become painful too.

The problem is that when you go to your doctor or drug store, you'll find a whole counter of pain medicines. Unfortunately, not one of them actually heals your body. Pain medicines actually interfere with the healing of your body because they numb your body.

See, pain has a purpose. It connects the part of your body that's imbalanced to your brain so your brain can begin a healing process.

But when you use pain suppressors, your brain can't heal your body and the condition gets worse over time. Then, you need more pain pills to heal the condition or to treat the condition, to numb it out.

And there's a lot of other devastating effects to taking pain pills, particularly chronically. Because these pain pills suppress your body's ability to heal itself, they also suppress a critical antioxidant in your body called glutathione.


What Is Glutathione?


Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps your body neutralize all the stress reactions going on in your body all the time.

Part of the aging process — when we get older and start aching more — happens because we're not making enough glutathione.

Ironically, these pain suppressors also suppress our body's ability to make glutathione. That’s when we look for pain management solutions like over-the-counter or prescription pills. But they only make the situation worse.

So step one is: don't take pain pills anymore, they're just anti-health.

But what can you do for natural pain management?

Now, here’s some alternatives that will work and do your body good...


Alternative Option 1: Magnesium


Whenever there is muscle tension in your body, there's a massive deficiency of magnesium.

To help with this, you want to take a nice, long, 30 to 60-minute bath, and:

  • Gradually make the water hotter and hotter (as hot as you can stand)
  • Add anywhere from 2 to 10 cups of Epsom salt.

Epsom salt is a cheap form of magnesium, but it's very beneficial to you. Use whatever amount your budget allows, put that Epsom salt into the hot water, and take a nice bath.

This has a huge effect because your body will be able to absorb that magnesium through the hot water into your muscles. You'll feel so good and sleep wonderfully.

So that's something you can do for pain management if you have a bathtub and Epsom salt.

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Or you could use this EASE Magnesium Spray instead. Many people prefer this quicker option they can reach for daily. This transdermal spray will absorb right through your skin within 90 seconds and unlike other brands, it leaves no sticky residue. It’s easy to use, effective, all-natural, and you can grab a bottle right here.


Alternative Option 2: Serrapeptase


One of my favorite natural supplements is called Serrapeptase.

Whenever there's pain in your body or joints, there's also something called inflammation. Inflammation protects your body from whatever infections are going on. Most people don't realize that whenever you have pain, there's actually an infection in your body. And the infection may just be an excess of free radicals and not enough antioxidants.

So your body says, “Hey, this is like a fire and it's going to spread so we need to put up a firewall.” And that’s tension; it holds it in with tension.

Over time with chronic tension, your body builds something called fibrin which protects the body from the invasion of bacterial or viral infection.

So these “fibrin” are like walls but they stay there forever and get worse and worse. One great scientist discovered that silkworms release an enzyme which is called Serrapeptase. And, when you put that enzyme on the cocoon, it releases and opens right up. And that cocoon is fibrin. So we create a cocoon around our painful places where there's infections.

But if you take Serrapeptase, it goes directly to the “cocoons” and melts them. It allows your body, which is now in a non-stress state, to go in and heal whatever that chronic state or injury was.

Within a few weeks of taking Serrapeptase, people with achy joints and muscle pain find that it starts to disappear. I’ve been recommending this supplement for 10 years and the only negative side effect I’ve ever heard about was a man experiencing diarrhea after taking a triple dose for a couple of weeks.

He simply had to bring his dosage down to the regular recommended amount, and he was pain-free (and diarrhea-free).

Supplement Spotlight

The miracle supplement Serrapeptase is one of the most powerful natural pain management options available. Unlike over-the-counter drugs, it goes to the source of your pain and provides lasting relief. I’ve been recommending it for years — we even give it to our 11-year-old dog!


Alternative Option 3: MSM


MSM is a form of sulfur and it was discovered that sulfur takes away pain.

When the body starts breaking down, it needs building blocks to come back up. But when you’re in pain, the body often doesn't have the building blocks it needs. And sulfur is the ultimate building block of your body. It also makes your skin wonderful.

If you have heard of healing springs around the world, these are sulfur springs. They have sulfur in the water, and the hot water and sulfur help all your pains go away.

Well, for your regular pain management, you can also have a glass of MSM water every day like I do. I drink coffee in the morning, but if you just drink coffee in the morning, you are dehydrating your skin. That means you’ll see more wrinkles and lose your glow. So I counter that with a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of MSM. Doing this, you’ll see your glow come back because it hydrates your cells and rebuilds your body.

To make your morning MSM water, you...

  • Take a teaspoon of the MSM powder
  • Put it into hot or warm water
  • Melt it right away
  • Stir it up
  • Drink it down

Be warned, it's very bitter. But that bitterness actually frees us from our addiction to sweetness. After a while, your body will love the taste of MSM if you give it a chance for several days.

It's so powerful to detoxify your body that you'll only have to start with a fourth of a teaspoon in a glass of warm water.

Then you build up to half a teaspoon, then a teaspoon, and then a teaspoon twice a day with warm water. Soon, you’ll have the most glowing skin and pain-free body.

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Reduce pain and rejuvenate your hair, skin, and nails with this organic form of pure MSM. While most forms of sulfur supplements have additives, this one doesn’t, making it the purest on the market. It’s also the one I use every morning.


Alternative Option 4: Stop Resisting


There's a saying that's quite common today: “What you resist will persist.”

Just imagine you are resisting someone and pushing against them, then they'll keep pushing against you. Well, the same thing happens in the body.

When you're feeling pain, pain is resistance.

So as soon as you have this resistance in your body, your tendency is to resist that and lock it in. This last alternative strategy for pain management is counter-intuitive. But one way to reduce the resistance in your body, and therefore reduce pain and tension, is to choose that pain.

If it’s just happening to you then it can make you feel helpless and under attack and you resist it even more. But when you choose the pain, your brain recognizes that you’re creating it and that opens up a new opportunity for you. Let me explain...

When we have physical pain in the body, there's tension and resistance. 

And every tension and resistance in the body is linked to some resistance in our emotions. 

Negative emotions like...

  • Frustration
  • Disappointment
  • Fear, concern, or worry
  • Feeling embarrassed
  • Feeling guilty
  • Feeling sorry

…. are a resistance to what is, what was, or what will be.

So if you can choose to feel your emotions, you actually are now shifting gears from resisting your pain to choosing your emotional pain. That will help your body to let go of the physical pain.

And it's really quite amazing.

Here’s how to do this in a productive way:

For Women

Express your emotions…

  • Take 10 or 15 minutes to write out or share your negative feelings
  • Get in touch with what you want
  • Imagine having what you want
  • Then, feel grateful for it

You want to come back to a positive place after you explore these resistances.

What you're doing by writing it out is, instead of resisting your negative emotions, you're embracing them. By writing them out with the intention to let them go and come back to positive feelings — that process in itself will take you away from resisting your pain. And that tendency to lock into the pain will become less and less over time.

As you know from all my books, women and men require different kinds of support.

For a woman, sharing emotions will produce estrogen and estrogen will lower her stress levels to help the body to relax.

But men require a different level of intensity to achieve the same level of stress and tension reduction and relaxation.

For Men

Go into some form of willful exercise where you have to push beyond your comfortable limits for short periods of time. 

That could be going to a gym, and if you can afford it, have a coach or friend be present with you to say, "Give me three more."

It's that last push where you use willpower against resistance, and you're...

  • Choosing to do that exercise because it's good for you
  • Then, you're able to stop resisting it because you are creating it
  • And when you're creating your pain, you now relax and you can let it go

As long as it's being done to you, you can't let it go.

You tend to resist it.

So you want to create a physical opportunity to push where you're choosing it because it's good for you.

Other options could be jogging or riding your bicycle, but you're going up that hill and you have to push harder. Even though it's not comfortable. That activates your willpower and takes your body to a level of high intensity.

And from that place of high intensity, then your body will relax more.

It's a simple relaxation exercise.

If you want to relax your hand, squeeze your hand, and then relax. 

If you want to feel you can relax, lift some weights, and then naturally your body will relax.

When you choose your pain and create a situation that's healing pain for you, that will allow you to relax and reduce the resistance to pain that you have in your body. Sometimes it will just disappear or at least become less and less intense.


Alternative Pain Management: 4 Simple Ways to Feel Better Quickly


1. Magnesium in the form of a hot Epsom salt bath, or using this EASE Spray that’s on sale for 25% off from April 26th to May 2nd.

2. Serrapeptase to break down the fibrin from old stress, tension, or infections.

3. MSM powder, taken in warm water, to provide your body with the building blocks it needs to reduce pain and stimulate collagen for beautiful hair, skin, and nails.

4a. For women, expressing your negative emotions with a writing exercise or friend, and then coming back to a positive state of gratitude.

4b. For men, pushing through resistance with intense physical exercise where you are choosing to feel pain and push through it.

These all work together to form a holistic support for your healing or you can pick and choose your favorites.


Grow in love,


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